Cliff Barrows Hosts Hour of Decision Online Program

By   •   May 6, 2014

The Hour of Decision radio program, which began in 1950 and features Cliff Barrows and Billy Graham, is now be available online at

Many people know Billy Graham has spent a lifetime spreading the Good News around the globe, through Crusades, radio, TV and Internet ministries.

But right by his side for 60-plus years, Cliff Barrows has quietly had the unique opportunity to witness millions of people come forward to make life-changing decisions for Christ.

“He has been able to see from the front row the lives that have been changed eternally around the globe,” said Jim Kirkland, director of radio at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

And now, you can experience some of the rich history of the Billy Graham Crusades by tuning into the new Hour of Decision Online program, an Internet-exclusive broadcasting program released every Sunday at

The program will feature the timeless Gospel message from Billy Graham, as well as first-hand recollections and music from Crusades, ranging from choirs to George Beverly Shea to special musical guests.

“Anybody now with access to the Internet can take a seat next to Cliff and hear these amazing stories of God’s work,” Kirkland said. “Cliff’s unique offering is one of over 60 years of perspective that he alone possesses as music director and emcee for Mr. Graham’s Crusades.”

Also beginning this month, Barrows’ long-running Hour of Decision radio program—which he’s hosted since 1950—has changed to Peace with God, featuring timeless Gospel messages from Billy Graham, Franklin Graham and Will Graham.  But Cliff Barrows is excited about the new digital program.  “I’m grateful that we have the privilege of beginning another dimension of our radio ministry online,” said Barrows.

Launched on May 4, the premiere Hour of Decision Online program was heard in its first few days by listeners in 17 different countries, including South Africa, India, Australia and the UK—all countries Mr. Graham has preached live.

“The wonderful thing about it is we are going to have music on the program – which has been so important to our ministry since the beginning,” Barrows said. “And you can listen morning, noon and night.”

You can tune in to the Hour of Decision Online program by clicking on or by downloading the BGEA App and clicking Radio.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hour of Decision. If you haven’t chosen Christ for your Savior and Redeemer, its time to do it now. Our world needs Godly people and guidance in these times.

  2. Betty Anders says:

    This will be gladly received as our Country is in trouble.

    1. Susan Moore says:

      And they don’t even realize it or try to blame it on something else. I wish we could have a 24 hour (stay, not sure of word I’m looking for but they do it in war) where there is no murder, robbery, abuse, cheating, anything we know is bad. It would probably be longer, due to the time differences, but this would be great. Just a thought! Gotta love Jesus!

  3. Georgia Hutton says:

    I have listened to Billy Graham since I was a young child and loved his TV programs and crusades.

  4. Christine Henning says:

    Thank you.

  5. Carol Bartman says:

    I have known of Billy Graham for many years….went to a crusade in Kansas City , Mo. when I was in Jr. high… him and may God the Father continue to give him strength.. God Bless you Rev. Graham!

  6. james mitchell says:

    thank you cliff god richly bless you

  7. Betty Welch says:

    Thank you for continuing to serve the Lord !! Our World needs it !

  8. Joyce Paul says:

    Dear Cliff Barrows God bless you richly! amen.