Chip Ingram on Marriage

By   •   October 4, 2010

For nearly a decade, Chip Ingram has been bringing the truths of God’s Word to the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove. “I was asked to speak at The Cove seven or eight years ago and have enjoyed a great relationship since,” he said.

He enjoys coming back to speak at a place who bears the name of a man who encouraged him during his early pastoral years. “His biography, Just As I Am, had a big impact on me as a pastor when God was growing things beyond my capacity to lead it. His story gave me hope and confidence.”

Now, Ingram is bringing that same hope and confidence to married couples at the Cove November 12-14 when he leads a seminar titled House or Home?: Four Essentials for Your Marriage.

As a pastor, Ingram has seen the ups and downs of many marriages. He says most people have dreams about marriage that represent our ultimate vision of what marriage will be like, yet so few of us realize those dreams. He relates it to three of the many key problem areas in Christian marriages:

  • Lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Misunderstanding of God’s design for marriage
  • Influence of a secular world to do marriage their way rather than God’s way

“God has a dream for marriage and He plants it in our heart,” says Ingram. “But understanding God’s dream for marriage and actually living it are two very different things.

“The whole world will tell you that there’s someone out there and they look a certain way, and own certain things, and they’ll provide certain things. God created marriage and made you for oneness. The root for oneness cannot be found in the world – the root to oneness begins with God.”

Another thing he says married couples should remember is that the greatest thing that can ever be done for a marriage is walking with God.

“God’s ultimate design for marriage is like everything else He’s designed – for His glory. To enhance His reputation. To reveal who He is, His holiness, faithfulness, giving and generosity,” Ingram explained.

“As you get closer to God, you grow closer to one another. That spiritual component is completely absent in secular marriage. And unfortunately, it is almost completely absent in most Christian marriages.”

During this seminar at the Cove, married couples can learn how to make deep connections with their spouses, build marriages that last, and explore biblical principles designed for the family.

*This seminar is designed for couples under the age of 45. Register today!

Chip Ingram is an accomplished author and the senior pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California. He is also president and teaching pastor of Living on the Edge, an international discipleship media ministry that provides teaching through radio, TV, and interactive online discipleship pathways.

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  1. Patti says:

    I agree with Teri. Why is there an age limit??????

  2. luchi says:

    23 yrs of marriage aren't all roses,thorns came w the roses…central to a marriage, Christ must exist,.we learned that there is no other way for a marriage to survive except the one rooted in Christ..once we rest in God's mighty hands the raging storms that befalls our relationship.. the binding hands of our great GOD..leads us to an understanding higher than us and our circumstances..The survival of a marriage is supernaturally powered by our GOD..only if we let HIM…the true Mediator and the Protector of our His grace..will make our silver union turn to gold..and golden to diamond…only the sunsets of life can dim the sparks of the precious jewels of marriage…and what God has put together…may no man put asunder…

  3. broemma says:

    Marriage is for life.It is ordained by God.Societal deviations from God's original plan don't make such deviations acceptable to God.Since there is an original plan,don't settle for a counterfeit.God wants you to have His best.

  4. jeanne says:

    From the child experience i had with my own family, i grew up in a concept that i need to make my marriage most lasting for I believe the person you married is the one set by you by GOD.. I believe in the sanctity of the sacrament.. that's why when my marriage failed because of my his infidelity.. everything that I dreamed of was shattered, but still I try to glue what has been broken only in the end I still failed because my man already sought FREEDOM .. which later I gave him… it takes two to tango, marriage that will be out of spiritual maturity really wont last…

  5. Nikki says:

    One day my husband (whom God is preparing right now 🙂 and I will be attending this! Yay! This conference is exactly what I was praying for (for so long) before my divorce…Now, I am praying for a husband to share a deep love and walk with Christ…together daily 🙂

  6. ferr says:

    A marriage is not a simple way. sometimes many things can make a marriage have ups and downs, but don't think and say to divorce…because only GOD can separated till HE took one of us away…there are many ways that GOD will prepare to us. If we got a problem with our marriage…just keep in praying and waiting till GOD finish it for us. GOD bless every christians marriage…!!!! amen.

  7. sally says:

    For me marriage is lifetime commitment to God, that is why I feel sad if I hear couples separated or divorced. I love my husband and we only separated when God took him away.

  8. Teri says:

    I was sad to see an age limit. 🙁