By Land, By Air and By Sea

By   •   June 24, 2011

The City of Angels is a city on its knees.

In the past year, and especially the last few months, Christians across greater Los Angeles have united in fervent prayer. They’ve been asking God for a fresh outpouring of His Spirit during this weekend’s Festival de Esperanza with Franklin Graham.

But they haven’t just fallen to their knees. They’ve gotten behind the wheel and taken to the sky to pray.

Rev. Silvia Carrizo explains: “On June 4, people across Southern California mobilized to blanket the area in prayer. Some prayed by sea as they traveled in boats off the coast near L.A.; some flew over the city in small planes. Others gathered on land to pray—in a church or while driving down the freeway.”

Then the people disembarked from their assorted vehicles and gathered at the Home Depot Center, the site of this weekend’s Festival, to bathe the event in prayer.

They prayed that the Lord will free people from the bondage of sin, that people will come to know the Lord as Savior, and that Christians will bring “unsaved friends from the north, south, east and west of this city,” said Carrizo. “We want to reclaim people’s souls for Him.”

Carrizo and many others have been praying “for months” that God will bring thousands to the stadium this weekend and that their hearts will be ready to accept the Lord.

“We’ve also prayed for the people involved in the program,” said Carrizo, “that the anointing of God will be upon them, that when they sing or speak or pray, God will free people from bondage, that He will start doing miracles. More than anything, we pray that the salvation miracle will happen. God has great things for this weekend. I know that.”

Carrizo has played an important role in mobilizing women across L.A. Almost 3,000 ladies gathered in March and committed to pray for their neighborhoods and blocks. They started walking daily and claiming their neighborhoods for the Lord.

Since June 6, the women have distributed more than 200,000 Festival invitations in the San Fernando Valley, in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and Long Beach—all the areas around the greater Los Angeles area.

This past weekend, Carrizo assisted a group of young people in the community as they canvassed malls and distributed close to 8,000 Festival invitations.

“I am so thankful,” said Carrizo. “He moved all His people to get involved. I believe with all my heart that this is the beginning of a great revival that God is pouring out in L.A.”

She said that the Festival has united pastors and leaders in a new way. “And I know that when there is unity in the body, God will pour out His spirit and great things will start happening here.”

Carrizo believes God has chosen the Spanish people for such a time as this. “I am certain in my heart that He will use the young generation, second generation Spanish people, to proclaim the Gospel and do wonders, and begin a great revival for this whole country.”

She is not alone in her belief.

Galo Vasquez, the Director of Latin American Ministries for BGEA, said that during a recent prayer gathering, “we saw a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God has started a new thing in L.A. The time of Los Angeles has arrived.

“We want to raise the flag of the Gospel and let the whole country know Jesus Christ is our only hope,” said Vasquez.

Pastor Carlos Quintero, the Festival Executive Committee Chairman, believes the dreams and plans of the Holy Spirit are coming to fruition. “Over 100 years ago, there was a revival in Los Angeles, and there are 600 million Christians around the world as a result.

“We are praying for a new revival to begin here,” Quintero added. “This is the time for the Hispanic population to rise up for this purpose.”

Please join us in praying for the Festival de Esperanza in Los Angeles this weekend. You can see how God will move by watching a live webcast from the Home Depot Center each evening.
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  1. Byron says:

    We are ready for REVIVAL, for a tremendous breakthrough from Jesus Christ from West to East in America, Thanks Jesus for Billy Graham Ministries through all these years.