Building Faith through Isaac Attic Calamity

By   •   October 4, 2012

Anne and her husband, Glenn, were trapped in the attic of their house, but considering the alternatives, they were happy to be alive.

They knew Hurricane Isaac was coming, certainly, but they thought they had more time. When they saw water creeping up their driveway, slowly at first, the couple quickly gathered a few belongings into the truck.

But their attempt to escape was thwarted by a gush of water at the end of their driveway. Quickly, Glenn slammed the gear in reverse and backed into the garage.

Anne, with only precious ticks left in her cell phone battery, made one call to let a friend know where they were headed: the dark, lonely attic.

Over the past six weeks, more than 30 Rapid Response Team chaplains have ministered to people like Anne and Glenn, who either lost a little or lost it all in Isaac’s wrath.

Chaplains had the privilege of praying with more than 750 survivors in the parishes of LaCombe, St. Bernard and Plaquemines, where deployment wrapped up last week. Many homeowners, just like Anne and Glenn, saw everything they’ve worked for in life swallowed by the spontaneous floods.  

“Can you help me?” Anne asked one of the chaplains who were ministering at a distribution site in Plaquemines Parish.

Anne was still shaken by the events that nearly took her life.

She recalled sitting in the attic, wondering how long until the flood waters would rise.

Anne and Glenn watched outside, the water’s surge growing stronger by the second, the 70-mph winds thrashing their home.

Water was starting to flood the attic, and there was no escape route.

“I was really scared,” Anne said.

Trapped and terrified, she decided to pray, asking the Lord to show His presence.

Shortly after, Anne discovered a small maul hammer in the attic and had the presence of mind to pound through a ceiling wall to the roof. Talk about a blessing.

Two neighbors in a boat eventually rescued the couple from their rooftop and they started floating down the road.

The amount of debris was mind-bending. Houses that were blown off their foundations were floating down the road. Full size orange trees had been uprooted and were now drifting with fruit still attached.

Finally, they made their way to the Plaquemine/St. Bernard parish gate wall and were able to find shelter in a local elementary school.

The Rapid Response chaplain was on edge as Anne told her harrowing tale, happy she didn’t skimp on the details.

Knowing what Anne had gone through helped the chaplain pray for her and give her the appropriate Billy Graham Rapid Response materials to help her recovery process.

And while Anne said she was a believer in Christ, the chaplains came across many who were not, but wanted to pray to receive Jesus. Others prayed for assurance of salvation or to rededicate their life to the Lord.

After hearing her story, the chaplains steered the conversation back to God’s goodness.

Anne could only agree.

“Yes, without Him, we would not have made it,” she said.

Be the Hands and Feet of Christ

As the Rapid Response Team continues to minister in nations around the world and in areas of the U.S., we would appreciate your prayers and financial support. Please  give today to help hurting people know Jesus.

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  1. Caro. says:

    Praise God!everything is possible when we put him first in every situation and all what we do. thank you lord 4 saving their lives.

  2. Mary says:

    Very rewarding to be able to help!!!:-)