Billy Graham’s Answers on Heaven

By   •   May 22, 2014


Billy Graham has been asked many questions about heaven over the years. Here is a compilation of seven questions and answers published in Mr. Graham’s My Answer column.

Can you prove heaven exists? I’d like to believe in heaven, but I’m not sure I do.

The only way we could know for sure that heaven exists would be for someone to die and go there—and then come back to life and tell us about it. And that’s exactly what Jesus did…READ MORE

What happens to us the first minute after we die? Do we enter heaven immediately, or do our souls go into some kind of a sleep?

The Bible doesn’t answer all our questions about heaven and life after death—and the reason is because our minds are limited and heaven is far too glorious for us to understand…READ MORE

Can people in heaven see what’s happening here on earth?

The Bible does suggest that those who’ve entered heaven before us actually may know what is happening on earth…READ MORE

I have bad health. Why is God keeping me here? Is it wrong that I’d rather be in heaven?

No, it’s not wrong for us to yearn for heaven, particularly when the burdens of this life begin to press down upon us…READ MORE

Where exactly is heaven?  

No, you can’t see heaven with a telescope, because heaven exists beyond anything we can see. But that doesn’t mean heaven isn’t real. Heaven is even more “real” than the earth and the stars…READ MORE

Our baby died shortly after birth. Is he in heaven?

Your grief is real, and it won’t go away overnight—but take comfort in the fact that this little child is now in God’s presence forever…READ MORE

Is there any way I can really know if I’m going to heaven?

By His death on the cross He paid the price for our redemption, and now our sins are forgiven—completely…READ MORE

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  1. Sandra Ramsey says:

    My best friend who was also my younger sister recently died. I KNOW she is in a much better place, but I have been praying for ease in getting over my daily lonesomeness; I just miss her so much? The Lord has answered me through this article and also thru a friend giving me some written material from hospice on what is immediately promised upon death. I have that peace that passes understanding, again. I still miss her so much, but the daily crying, etc has subsided. To God Be The Glory!!!!!!

  2. Pam Garrett says:

    I loved these questions and answers on Heaven. Thank you!

  3. Debbie says:

    As we draw closer and closer to the End of the Age as described in Matthew 24:3 many people will want to read more about heaven and the glory of being there and the peace and beauty of being with the Lord.

  4. sam says:

    A good bible study materials. I will keep for myself

  5. Denise Dunn says:

    I can relate to Virginia’s comment about heaven. Whenever I feel that way, especially when I hear of something really bad that totally does not make sense I have to think of this verse: “We must trust God’s heart when we don’t understand His hand.” This part is just for laughs – I know God has a sense of humor because while I was in the shower I was feeling very thankful for having such a nice day yesterday and felt I needed to take a moment to thank Him. I was about to when I thought- let me put on my deep conditioner first and kill two birds with one stone. I stopped and thought about what I just thought and laughed out loud. Needless to say, He must have been laughing with me because He did not strike me with a lightning bolt. LOL

  6. Jack Woltz says. says:

    Teaching, Preaching And singing, To children and older people, The word of GOD, Is very important for them to hear, GOD ALMIGHTY, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, And HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, Are the ones who made us in the first place, HEAVEN is our REAL HOME, And all of us who BELIEVE IN CHRIST, THE CROSS, AND HIS RESERECTION, GIVES ETURNAL LIFE IN HEAVEN FOR EVER TO ALL WHOS Name is written in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE, Children of GOD, Heirs of HEAVEN and a home for ever, BECAUSE of HIS LOVE FOR ALL OF US, The BIBLE TELLS US ALL WE NEED TO KNOW, About life and death, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, GOD BLESS ALL.

  7. Pat Brinkman says:

    I love the Lord and this ministry to use daily as I do my devotions and prayers.

  8. Debra says:

    How can I know for sure that I am saved and will go with God when the Rapture comes? I think I love God. I pray all the time I want to please him, tell others, want to be with him, he is on my mind daily.
    I want to be with him through eturnity and do his work. I hope he comes before I pass away.

  9. Debra says:

    I have always liked everything that Billy Graham has written and every message that I can see of his on the television. I have a lot of his books. I think he’s the best minister of God !!!

  10. William Mixon says:

    We only believe if we belong to Jesus. He said that when he comes back he will raise all of the dead from their graves, into the sky. Until then I believe we stay in our graves or whatever sleeping until this time. It does not tell us that we will go directly to heaven or hell to be with our families or friends. Whatever God wishes will be fine with me.