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Q. Does the devil cause every temptation we face? I admit I don’t do a very good job of fighting temptation.

A. The devil certainly wants you to give in to temptation and do what is wrong, because his main goal is to turn us away from God. When we yield to temptation, you can be sure we make the devil happy.

But the devil isn’t directly responsible for every temptation we face, nor can we blame him when we give in and do wrong. Temptations come to us in many ways — but when we give in to them, we alone are responsible for what we’ve done. The Bible says, “Each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed” (James 1:14).

Remember, it isn’t a sin to be tempted; even Jesus was tempted by the devil to turn away from God’s plan (see Matthew 4:1-11). But it is sin to give in to temptation and go our own way instead of God’s way. Every sin is an act of rebellion on our part, telling God we think our way is better than His way. But that is a lie, for God’s way is always best.

Don’t fight your temptations alone; if you do, you will fail. Instead, ask God to help you by giving you the courage and inner strength to turn away. Begin by asking Christ to come into your life, forgiving and cleansing your sins and coming to live within you by His Spirit.

Then learn to walk with God every day, through prayer and fellowship with other believers and reading the Bible. The Bible says, “God is faithful…. When you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it” (1 Corinthians 10:13).

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    GOD bless your ministry!

  2. Mark Kerr says:

    we received Jesus by faith that what He said and did is true we live in Christ the same way ‘by grace through faith’ we don’t have the ability to resist temptation any more than we had faith to be saved, faith came by hearing and hearing from the word of God until we believed the gosple so faith to resist temptation comes the same way by hearing and hearing from God’s word about how other people resisted temptation especially when Jesus resisted in Mathew 4:1 to 11 make it a point to read this section of God’s word over and over to receive the faith required to resist temptation and be amazed at how different you will start viewing life amen

  3. Tesfahun Mekene says:

    God bless your mission!!

  4. Andrea says:

    I have not been unable to resist a certain temptation. I shoplift occassionally as I have so little money I cannot make ends meet. Of course I know it is wrong but I don’t know what to do-I desperately need medical treatment and dental treatment and to be brutally honest I watch Christian programs constantly showing how they help other countries’ peoples with surgeries, dentists etc. but I am Christian; disabled and cannot get help of any sort. I am told to pray. Prayer is wonderful but why don’t the ministries ever help those of us in their own backyard? I often feel that when I have taken food that I am being “punished by not being able to access any help. God Bless.

    1. Regina says:

      I have some of the same questions sometimes. It seems to me that we have plenty of people suffering here, but I have to remember that just because those other people are in another country, it does not mean that their suffering is any less or that they are any less deserving of help. Ideally, our local churches would indeed take care of the local community, and I believe they have strayed in that regard. It is much easier to gather up some shoe boxes ship them to another country – where the giver does not actually interact one on one with the needy person. They send their shoeboxes and forget about helping others until next season. This is where our local churches have let us down – all for the sake of not getting too involved.

    2. Katherine Blankenship says:

      Bless you Andrea – I empathize with your situation, for I too was in desparate need when I was a single mom with two small children. I’m no expert on anything, I can only say that from my own perspective, my own history, my own experience, in hindsight, my pride kept me from asking for help. I resented the good that everyone else had and felt bitterness inside that my life was so hard. But now reflecting on it, I definately believe there was help available for me but I was too prideful to ask for it. God Bless and bring you inspiration to resolve your problems. I am optimistic that there are caring, loving people who would help you if they hear from you that you need their intervention. I can’t help but believe that it does not help you to steal because it only heaps more low self esteem on to your conscience.

  5. linos miheso says:

    Thanks for your wonderful and encouraging messages. May God bless you all

  6. Eileen says:

    Upon recognizing that I was in the process of being tempted, I open my e-mail and saw Billy Graham’s, my answer and upon reading it I have gain considerable strength in being able to rise above the temptation that was in my thought.

  7. Donald Jarboe says:

    I struggle with temptations and things from my past, that I can’t seem to forget.?

  8. Naomi Boneyard-Santiago says:

    I am a believer for many years and still so much I need to learn on patients and waiting. on God to move in the middle of any given situation, and knowing that if he does not ill still be alright because he loves me so much. Thank you for helping me to see that my walk with Christ is continuos until I return home to be with him.

  9. Judy Graham says:

    Yes indeed the evil one can use our weakness against us. And he can and does bring someone that will bring sorrow and discouragemrnt. We should never underestimate our enemy but we also need to remember that God is greater than all darkness.

  10. Sandy Thomann says:

    Good to be reminded this morning!