Billy Graham’s My Answer: Worry

By   •   July 24, 2014


I know the Bible says we shouldn’t worry, but isn’t that a bit unrealistic? I could name a dozen things I worry about every day, and they aren’t going to go away just because I hope they will, or because I pray they will.


You’re right, up to a point; we’re all prone to worry, and simply telling ourselves that we shouldn’t worry about a problem we’re facing won’t make it go away. It may even make things worse by keeping us from doing something about it.

But the Bible gives us a specific cure for worry — and that is to trust God and turn our worries and anxieties over to Him. Think of it this way. Imagine for a moment that a worry is a heavy burden you’re carrying on your back (like a backpack filled with rocks). Wishing it will go away won’t solve the problem, nor will simply hoping the burden will grow lighter. But suppose you meet someone who’s obviously stronger than you, and he offers to take the burden off your back and carry it for you. What would you do? It would be foolish for you to keep carrying it; instead, you’d gladly hand it over to him.

And that’s what God wants us to do with our burdens — hand them over to Him in faith and trust. He knows all about us; He knows our problems, and He knows all about the things that concern us. Furthermore, He loves us, and He wants to help us. The Bible says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

When worries come — and they will — learn to hand them over to Jesus Christ. He can be trusted to guide you, and He will give you His peace.

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  1. Farkas Nandor says:

    Jesus is my Lord

  2. Linda Early says:

    Love Billy Graham’s advice. He is the greatest evanglist and worker of our time

  3. WV Cycling says:

    Boy, this is a tough one. I’m glad I received this email, since this is something I am often challenged with stressful events or decisions in my field.

    Thanks again, BGEA!

  4. Jack Woltz says says:

    Yes we all worry, I my self is in A WORRY Situation, And it has been with me a long time, And the time needed for A much needed HELP, Is still in HOLD, But my PRAYERS will continually, BE PRAYED I will not loose my FAITH. In my PRAYERS, And IN WHAT JESUS CHRIST, TOLD ME IN THE BIBLE, I BELIEVE, YES THE TRUTH, IN My HEAVENLY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT, MY PRAY WILL BE ANSWERED, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, GOD BLESS ALL,

  5. Angela Booker says:

    want emails

  6. Ephrem Hagos says:

    The only known ANTIDOTE for worry is personal knowledge of God based on the irrevocable terms in the “new covenant” with a seal in Christ’s death on the cross.

  7. Simon Pierre BELLA says:

    No other way to overcome of our worries. Only Jesus, who know our truggles, anxities, better than us and avalaible to handle us with love. May God help us to act in this way for our wellness. My holy greet to you in Jesus name

  8. says:

    I try to always watch your Sat. night sermons and love them very much.

  9. Rebecca Gift says:

    Trusting God is a journey. We need to learn to talk with him through prayer and reading his word. When he gives us a specific word for our problem that’s the solution. But at times it can be hard to do this when he’s silent. But most of the times he’s silent is during our test. Good thoughts praying for the person who wrote this question to have more insight from The Lord on their specific worries tonight! Love billy Graham’s ministry! Go go go for Jesus!!!

  10. Freda Cunningham says:

    I seem to worry more over my childrens problems, even though they have done wonderful, grandchildren have done amazing. I think you never get over the motherly instinct. They have done well and are very responsible people. We have been so blessed. I Thank God everyday.