Billy Graham’s Legacy Continues Through ‘God’s Not Dead’

By   •   March 21, 2014

Duncan Phillips, playing here at the BGEA Baltic Youth Festival in Riga, Latvia, and the Newsboys are part of the 'God's Not Dead' movie, released today nationwide.

For Duncan Phillips, God’s Not Dead is bigger than he initially imagined.

This latest project from Pure Flix is about a college freshman tasked with defending his Christian faith. The film also weaves together multiple stories of faith and doubt, and culminates into a powerful call to action by the conclusion of the movie.

As the percussionist for the Newsboys, Phillips and his three other band mates were asked to be a part of the film, which opens today. The scene for the culmination of God’s Not Dead is set at a Newsboys concert.

“It is a really good movie,” Phillips, the animated drummer, said. “It is well-acted, well-produced, and we are stoked to be a part of it. god's not dead

“We learned our lines and got ready to do our parts when the time came. We were doing a show in Texas, which is when they showed up to do the filming,” he added. “When we got there, we saw about 50 crew people with all these cameras and equipment, and then I realized: this is the real deal.”

The movie title was inspired by one of their most popular songs—with the same title—released in 2011.

“The song was written by a good friend of ours. We saw a diamond in the rough: the lyrics are fantastic and the melody is great. We knew this was something worth working on,” Phillips explained. “Still, to this day, probably because of the movie, it still outsells anything we have ever released.”

He also believes that the song and the movie are continuations of Billy Graham’s legacy.

In 1959, Billy Graham traveled to Phillips’ native Australia for one of the more memorable evangelistic Crusades. Phillips’ parents—very young Christians at the time—attended the Crusade.

“It was a real pivotal point in the spiritual lives of my mom and dad. It had a massive impact on them,” he said. “They have told me how that Crusade really galvanized their faith. It was the first time they had ever seen a mass of people gathered together under the banner of Christ.

“So, the wonderful story here is that because Billy Graham was used to ignite their faith, and I had the privilege of growing up under that mantle of faith. If it had not been for Billy Graham, I might not have been in the Newsboys, the song might not have been recorded, and thus the movie may not have been made. It’s all really crazy to think about.”

Phillips also calls it “an absolute honor and privilege” to have come alongside the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in other ways: The Newsboys’ song We Believe is the first track on the My Hope CD, Songs Inspired by the Message and Mission of Billy Graham. The band has also joined forces with BGEA to share the Gospel, as they played at recent Festivals in Lithuania, Latvia and Rochester, N.Y., along with the Will Graham Jersey Shore Celebration.

Phillips wants to see God’s Not Dead used in the lives of the next generation, much like Billy Graham’s message was used to stir the hearts of his parents.

“Our youth get hit with things like this kid does in the movie,” he said. “A time will come where each person who calls himself or herself a Christian will have to defend the faith. We should all be equipped to do that.

“My hope is that people will go to see this movie, and that they will bring their friends along. Most importantly, I hope this movie will be used to galvanize their faith. Just like Billy Graham was used with my parents—and ultimately, with me.”

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  1. Debbe Rody says:

    The movie “God’s not Dead” is an amazing movie. Our bible study group went together to see this movie and we were all moved to tears. This movie is an amazing witness for Christ. I think every youth group and small group should see this. it was surely one of the best movies to proclaim Jesus as our Savior and Lord! Praise God.

    1. Debbe Rody says:

      PS We all text 10 people with these 3 words “God’s not Dead”. It started a lot of text conversation!

  2. Patrick says:

    Dear Reverend Billy Graham and Reverend Franklin Graham, God’s not Dead is an excellent Christian faith based film. It strongly defends the Christian faith that virtue by which we believe in God; and defends the establishment of hope that virtue by which we desire the Kingdom of Heaven and the Eternal Life as happiness, against an atheist professor who purposely frustrates the work of God’s Son Jesus Christ. ***** A Must Go!

  3. Patricia Powers says:

    My family I went this evening to see God’s Not Dead. An AWESOME movie. I am telling people that I do not even know to go see it. It will change their lives.

  4. Carol Croff says:

    I love Billy Graham he, brought me closer to God with his preaching of the word of God.

  5. Ingrid Umanzor says:

    I know something God’s not dead He really living around us no matter what, Jesus is the famous men in the whole world!

  6. Rebecca Stafford says:

    Movie was inspiring and moving.
    Praying for all that sees this movie will be drawn closer to GOD.

  7. Sarah says:

    Thank you for fulfilling the Great Commission. In a time like this, where one is hated for being a Christian, it is great honor to see young people like you stand up for Christ’ cause on the cross to proclaim the Full Gospel. May God bless you and may your journey be under the eye of the LORD God.

  8. Robin Bird says:

    I want to receive your updates please

  9. Glen Graves says:

    God still reveals His glory in miraculous ways.

  10. Desmond Nyame says:

    Great piece of work. Satan has been smart to use the electronic media and cinemas to re-shape the thoughts of the world. Children of God must be smarter. Paul said, to preach by every means so men might be saved. Even when there is no certainty they will be saved, we must exploit every slim chance that exists. And truly, we’ve had no idea how much lives are affected by our little efforts. Indeed Jesus said the field is ripe. Even the daring atheist glance through the ‘window’ every now and then to see if they can find God; they know He is there!!! Their only problem is, they cannot see Him. So they have no answer for Satan when he comes probing their mind. But “God is a Spirit, and they that seek Him must seek Him in spirit and in truth”