Billy Graham Trivia: What Nickname Did He Briefly Receive While Working in College?

By   •   January 24, 2018

Billy Graham stands in front of a handmade sign for meetings where he would preach in the late 1930s.

Q: What nickname did Billy Graham receive briefly while working as a student at the Florida Bible Institute?

A: Automatic dishwasher

While at the Florida Bible Institute, the students were the workforce that ran the place, Billy Graham said. They waited on tables, cooked meals, washed dishes, did the housekeeping, and handled the grounds maintenance—all for 20 cents an hour.

Billy Graham worked like everybody else, which served as a great way for him to “expend some of [his] surplus nervous energy.” He recalls, “I became the school’s first ‘automatic dishwasher,’ or so they told me. My pace in the soapsuds races kept four girls busy with their dish towels.”

-Paraphrased from Just As I Am: The Autobiography of Billy Graham

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