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quotesBilly Graham has spoken on heaven many times throughout his career. Some of his remarks can be found in his book Billy Graham in Quotes, which features quotes on more than 100 topics.

Below are 10 selected quotes from Billy Graham on heaven:

“Heaven doesn’t make this life less important; it makes it more important.”

“The Bible says that as long as we are here on earth, we are strangers in a foreign land. There are enemies to be conquered before we return home. This world is not our home; our citizenship is in heaven.”

“Even when we allow our imaginations to run wild on the joys of heaven, we find that our minds are incapable of conceiving what it will be like.”

“In heaven I’ll wish with all my heart that I could reclaim a thousandth part of the time I’ve let slip through my fingers, that I could call back those countless conversations which could have glorified my Lord—but didn’t.”

“The most thrilling thing about heaven is that Jesus Christ will be there. I will see Him face to face. Jesus Christ will meet us at the end of life’s journey.”

“Heavenly rest will be so refreshing that we will never feel that exhaustion of mind and body we so frequently experience now. I’m really looking forward to that.”

“The moment we take our last breath on earth, we take our first in heaven.”

“Heaven is a wonderful place and the benefits for the believer are out of this world!”

“I [will] not go to heaven because I am a preacher. I am going to heaven entirely on the merit of the work of Christ.”

“My home is in heaven. I’m just passing through this world.”

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  1. Barbara Davis says:

    Billy, you are certainly God’s most wonderful apostle here on this earth since St Paul! I will always remember when you visited Barbados in 1958, a very special night to my husband and myself. I try to watch you every Sunday night. You are such a special person and I love you so very much! May God continue to bless and keep you in good health, and we’ll see you again in heaven!

  2. Cindy Satterfield says:

    I am blessed everyday that The Lord gives me and lungs a chance to breath today God has Ben with me sice 6th grade and even though I have fallen off some times I have always asked God for forgiveness he has been with me losing two husbands and raising 5 kids of my own and 2 step children so God has been good to me and I have climbed many mountains and I am getting tired mentally and physical I have always followed you and watch you you havebeenmynspiration thank you

  3. Deborah Takyi says:

    God bless you man of God

  4. Tim says:

    Thank you Pastor Graham for your insightful wisdom….
    All too often I get wrapped up in the present time, forgetting that I am a foreigner here just passing through….God bless!!!!

  5. Garey Adolfson says:

    Thank you Billy for the way you present the truth about the written word of God, your honest and that’s what this world needs.Christ is coming very very soon. Thank you Jesus for working in Mr graham and his minestry

  6. Dickson paul says:

    I know that if we live a holy life ,not comfort to the patterns of this world,we wil surely see God as He is one day

  7. Agnes Salmorin Virginia says:


  8. Doriane NITANGA says:

    Thank you to give us the good news,may God allow us to be with him forever and to forget hard moments we meet on earth

  9. Michael Martin says:


  10. C.R.ABRAHAM says:

    My favorite evangelist spiritual teacher.