Chaplains Ministering After Deadly NC Tornado Spawned by Hurricane

By   •   August 4, 2020

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is offering care in Bertie County, North Carolina, following a tornado triggered by Hurricane Isaias. Here, chaplain coordinator Barb Grabowski talks with local resident Lori Speller (right) who credits God for surviving for the storm.

While making landfall as a Category 1 hurricane along the South Carolina-North Carolina border on Monday, Hurricane Isaias released 90 mph wind gusts and multiple tornadoes—including a fatal one that hit Bertie County, North Carolina, overnight.

Located in the northeastern part of the state, the county faced a twister that nearly destroyed a mobile home park outside of Windsor. At least two people were killed and others are missing—including children—while more than 20 people have been injured.

Prepared to minister in times of crisis, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) is joining Samaritan’s Purse to offer emotional and spiritual care to locals. A team of crisis-trained chaplains arrived onsite early Wednesday morning to provide a listening ear and comfort to residents, including those whose homes will be repaired by Samaritan’s Purse volunteers.

According to news reports, additional twisters popped up in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. At least 10 states were affected by high winds, flooding or power outages before the storm system completely dissipated.

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Earlier this year, Billy Graham chaplains deployed to Central Tennessee and the Nashville area after 24 people were killed from a series of twisters. Although the tornado season ended in June, twisters have been known to hit in every month of the year, including during hurricane season.

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