Bearing the Burdens of Others

By   •   March 18, 2010

“We saw what was going on with the Rapid Response Team (RRT) in Haiti, and we wanted to do something to help,” said Chad Miller, Director of Dare to be a Daniel (D2BD). On the D2BD Facebook page, kids were asked what they thought they could do to help the Haiti earthquake victims. Many suggested going on a mission trip. Others said they would like to give money.

An overwhelming majority of them suggested prayer.

“There are lots of great ways out there to help Haiti now, and we wanted to give kids something practical to do. Praying is definitely practical, because the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.”

Knowing that RRT chaplains were on the ground in Haiti, Miller contacted Jack Munday, Director of the Rapid Response Team. He asked for some names and descriptions of each situation to pray for. Using social mediums such as Facebook and Twitter, D2BD has engaged thousands of youth in prayer.

“The power of prayer is something this ministry has been about for years. In fact, it’s not just the preparation of ministry. It is the work of ministry,” Miller explained. “Just think – we have several instances of many Daniels (kids who have completed the D2BD evangelism training) all over the world praying for just one kid in Haiti!”

The prayer needs in Haiti will continue to arise, but Miller doesn’t want to stop there. “Although large scale disasters compel us to pray, there still no tragedy greater than when someone doesn’t know Christ. That is the first element of prayer among the Daniels – to pray for the salvation of their friends and family members.”

Here are some of the recent requests you can help pray for:

Cabaret Orphanage: Includes a school and church, along with 50 orphans, 200 students and 100 members. Pray for quick rebuilding, safety of children and workers, and needed supplies.

Abeline, age 12: Abeline has a broken hand and home destroyed. Chaplains have visited and prayed with him.

Fednel, age 11: Fednel has a full-length purple cast on his broken leg – very painful. He and sister, Christana age 12 prayed prayer of assurance. They and their Mom left hospital wanting a tarp to cover them, since they will sleep outside.

Mitrilove, age 13: Mitrilove’s mom is a dear Christian woman. Mitrilove has broken leg. She listened to Steps to Peace with God (D2BD version) and she received Jesus into her heart.

Maxcean, age 10: Maxcean has a beautiful smile and a full-length, pink cast on her broken leg. She’s learning to walk with crutches. She and Mom and her sister left the hospital and were heading down into Port au Prince but they don’t know where they will live now.

Jefferson, age 10: Jefferson has a broken leg. His sisters, mom and dad are okay, but their home is destroyed.

Evens, age 10: Evens’ father died the day before the earthquake, and he and family were just coming home from the funeral when it occurred.