Debunking the Myth of Incompatible Marriage

By Ruth Bell Graham   •   February 6, 2018   •   Topics: ,

BG and Ruth at home
Billy and Ruth Graham at their home in 1990.

It happens all the time: well-known couples terminate marriages. The reason?

Incompatibility. It’s an all too familiar legal umbrella under which an assortment of excuses finds shelter.

I looked up the definition of incompatibility: “incapable of coexisting harmoniously…”

Incapable of coexisting harmoniously? “With God, all things are possible,” I remembered.

The definition continued: disagreeing in nature. Great! One can disagree without being disagreeable.

Before we married, someone gave me a gem of wisdom: “Where two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary.”

Irreconcilable. I doubt it! When two draw near to God, they find themselves closer to one another.

Conflicting. Terrific! When someone gets into a position of political or social power or one of fame or fortune and no one dares to disagree with him or her, look out! This person is in danger. At times, we all need to be disagreed with.

Our daughter’s Swiss in-laws once gave my husband a Swiss watch. Eventually, it stopped working, but no local watchmaker could fix it.

The next time we were in Switzerland, we sent it directly to the company that made it. They had no problem; the ones who made it knew how to make it work again.

Who invented marriage? He is the One to whom we must go. His Book of Instructions has the answers.

Article originally published in More Letters from Ruth’s Attic: 31 Insights on Following Christ.

How’s your relationship with the inventor of marriage? Get right with God today.