Anthony Evans: “Standing on Truth”

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Growing Up Evans

“Growing up in the home of Tony and Lois Evans was an amazing experience. I had a mom and dad, who not only stayed together, but they cared so much about me. In this day and age, having all that is such a rare thing.”

He was also raised to be close to his siblings. “Our parents raised us to love on each other and to be close. We appreciate each other,” said Evans. One of them is popular Bible teacher/speaker Priscilla Shirer, Founder of Going Beyond Ministries. He travels with her as the worship leader at her Going Beyond (LifeWay) events. “I love the dynamic I have with her. She can look at me in a particular way and I know what to do. It is really a gift to be able to minister with her like that.”

A Defining Moment

When asked if he was the stereotypical preacher’s kid, Evans said he had his moments, but they were mostly internal. “When I was 25, I had somewhat of a breakdown. I was a performer on stage – and in my relationships. This was my dynamic with the Lord, and my approach to life. I realized I couldn’t do this anymore.”

“I was always overwhelmed and tired to the point where I almost quit singing. That is when I stopped being an ‘artist’ and became a worship leader. I got to the point where all I could do was worship, and that’s what God wanted from me in the first place. He doesn’t want me to be slick and cool and hip. He wants me to live in worship.”

An Authentic Worship Leader

These days, Evans’ approach to worship is authentic. He wants to engage people in transparent worship. “I want there to be truth between my lips and the listeners’ ears. I’m going to be authentic with my audience.”

He recalls one particular night on stage when he told the audience that he didn’t want to be there. “I made a decision to worship that night anyway. I was honest about how I felt, but stood upon the truth that He’s going to finish what He started in me. That ended up being my most connected night in ministry.”

Today, he stands on truth rather than feelings. “My dad once told me that feelings do not have intellect. My feelings will follow my feet.”

At the Cove

On July 17, during this Evening at the Cove event, the audience can expect this same authenticity as he focuses on songs from his three latest albums. “I want to feel connected with my audience – and feel like we’re friends by the time we leave the room. It will be a night full of worship, stories, and original songs that come from those stories. Ultimately, I want to connect people to the truths of God’s Word through music.”

*Anthony will hold his concert at the end of his father’s seminar, Returning to the Cross (July 15-17). Come two days early and do both!

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  1. scholastica says:

    What an amazing message and blessing text it is. More excited and happy for their family. Keep the fire burning you great son of the father and pray you go global to many broken hearts. Priscilla your sister blesses me too in her women ministry, May Our Good Lord Lead you to greater heights as you win more souls to him.Thanks to Billy Graham too in all he has done. Bless his heart. AMEN