Answers from Billy Graham on Peace, Justice

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police in riot gear

Billy Graham once said, “When everyone does what is right in his own eyes, there is no possibility of order or peace.” With America’s headlines filled with violence surrounding racial tension one has to wonder: Will we ever all get along? Is there any hope for the world?

These answers can offer hope and encouragement at a time when humanity’s differences, and the way we handle them, is difficult to understand.

Q: Why is there so much violence in the world today? Don’t most people want to live in peace?
>> Read Billy Graham’s answer

Q: I’m a policeman and get discouraged because it doesn’t seem like I’m doing much good.
>> Read Billy Graham’s answer

Q: Do you think there’s hope for a better world? Can we live in harmony?
>> Read Billy Graham’s answer

Q: Will we ever see true world peace?
>> Read Billy Graham’s answer

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Amidst the world’s problems, you can have peace. Find out how.

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  1. Amanda Reiche says:

    This is an excellent way of sharing Billy’s application of biblical truths to our everyday challenges. It is a wonderful ministry and an uplifting use of technology. As an aside, ‘The more things are different, the more they remain the same’ in hearts that do not know the Savior. This is a good starting point. I give thanks for those continuing to minister to the hearts of men through this use of Billy Graham ministries.

  2. Keith McRevy says:

    Thanks for sharing! Blessings!

  3. Delores Garcia says:

    We can live in world peace if we turn to God.

  4. k janet engel says:

    I recommitted my life (as did my husband) to the Lord, 07/87 when mom, my husband & I sang in the crusade choir for 10 nights at the old Denver Mile High Stadium. I have often said I felt the Lord sent Billy Graham to Denver just for me. I have notes from all 10 nights. Within one week of the end of the crusade I started having major health issues & went from being a healthy very active plant manager to being a quad in an electric wheelchair by the end of 12/1987. Rev. Graham fed me, gave me words straight from God to face multiple sclerosis rearing it’s ugly head that summer & changing my life forever. We have such a peace all these years later that m.s. was sent into my life so I can witness for the Lord to all I meet because of the m.s.