Always Good News: TV Specials Take on New Face in 2009

By   •   January 2, 2009

For years, BGEA has followed a proven format of airing TV specials multiple times throughout each calendar year. While these have been quite successful, time and growth bring with them the need for change and innovation.

As a result, this month marks the introduction of a fresh path in BGEA TV programming. The January TV special is “The Urgency of the Gospel.”

We’re so excited for you to see it and we asked a few of the individuals involved in its creation to share their thoughts with you.

Why do this now?

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is not lacking vision under the leadership of Franklin Graham; in fact, it is overflowing with future. To Franklin Graham, the urgency of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is the focal point of everything that the BGEA does. Every outreach the BGEA does is attached to that urgency and is born from that heart, and there are many outreaches.

The sad part is, few know about what all the BGEA is doing, how truly incredible the ministry work is, and how Christians are needed to be a critical part of this ministry. This is what the new television program will reveal to the watchers. The BGEA is not a “gimmick” ministry, developed to gain dollars – it’s a brick and mortar ministry, built upon the very foundation of Billy Graham’s ministry and what Jesus Christ commissioned His followers to do.

The Billy Graham television program will break new ground by allowing you to experience, in a real and challenging way, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. You will not have seen a program like this before!

The production is not what you normally experience in religious broadcasting. Franklin Graham will reveal his heart and the urgency in him in a way that has not yet been seen on television. You don’t want to miss this and you will probably want to watch it more than once – no doubt!
Duane Gaylord, Vice President, Television, Film and Internet

Can you give us a sneak peek at what we’ll be seeing?

The January Billy Graham TV Special is visual representation of the heart of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. As a ministry, BGEA is passionate about following the Great Commission by sharing Jesus Christ with as many people as possible.

In this telecast, the audience will see firsthand the urgency to share Christ’s love as the BGEA leadership discusses its legacy while looking toward the future. The panel shares stories from each ministry.

Rapid Response Team – The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deploys trained Chaplains at a moment’s notice to disaster areas. They share kindness, love, and the hope found in Jesus to all they counsel.

Dare to Be a Daniel – Sarah Sheidt is a 13-year-old ninth grader who went through the D2BD training, and it has changed her life. The material has strengthened her faith as well as prepared her to share Christ with her friends and classmates.

Franklin Graham Festivals – Clayton walks the streets of Charleston, S.C., in preparation for the Lowcountry Franklin Graham Festival. He shares his story of living homeless and battling substance abuse. Clayton passes out information inviting people to come to the Festival.

My Hope World Evangelism Through TelevisionMy Hope is giving people around the world the opportunity to share Christ’s love and impact on their life with others. This story tells of a family who opens their home, and lives were changed. One woman in particular was invited by a friend and accepted Christ that night. Now she has hope; her hope is Jesus.
–Kevin Adamson, Director of the January TV Special

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