Can America Be United Again?

By   •   January 19, 2021

As a new president takes office, America is divided. Read how Billy Graham once responded to a question about people getting along.

“Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.”
—Romans 14:19 (NKJV)

If there’s anything Americans likely can agree upon, it’s just how divided their United States has become. Anger, dissension and fear have become primary drivers as many people lean on their own understanding rather than seeking God.

These tumultuous waters can be navigated only through prayer.

“It is critically important for followers of Jesus Christ to pray for those who will be making decisions that impact the future of our nation,” Franklin Graham said in a recent Decision magazine article. “Just because we might not have voted for someone doesn’t mean that we get a pass to not pray for them. The Bible instructs us to pray for all of our leaders—‘all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior’ (1 Timothy 2:2-3).”

Billy Graham once wrote that unity is particularly critical for Christians. Be encouraged as you read this question he was asked one time about getting along with each other—and how you can be a difference-maker in a troubled world.

Q: Why can’t Christians seem to get along with each other? We have a few people in our church who do nothing but criticize everything (including our pastor), and they just generally like to make trouble. Haven’t they ever heard that Christians ought to love one other?

A: The Bible is clear: love for others should be the mark of anyone who claims to follow Christ. Jesus said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:35).

Over the years I’ve talked with a number of pastors who had experienced some kind of trouble in their churches. Sometimes they admittedly were at fault, perhaps neglecting their pastoral duties or failing to prepare their sermons adequately.

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But sadly, in many cases they had become discouraged solely because a few disgruntled people opposed them—just as these people had opposed their predecessors.

Why did they oppose them? Perhaps they wanted to control everything, or always be the center of attention. Or perhaps they were driven by jealousy or anger or some other hidden motive. But whatever the reason, they were opposing God’s servants and blocking His work—and that is always wrong. The Bible warns, “Don’t grumble against one another, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged” (James 5:9).

Don’t let the sins of a few keep you from Christ, and don’t let their negative attitudes poison you and your support for your church and its pastor. Instead, pray for them—and if God gives you an opportunity, confront them about their need to be filled with Christ’s love. In addition, your church’s elected leaders may need to intervene. The Bible says, “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace” (Colossians 3:15).

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