‘About to Take My Life, I Heard Billy Graham on the TV’: 10 Stories of Changed Lives

By   •   November 5, 2020

Billy Graham would have turned 102 on November 7. Since he went to be with the Lord on February 21, 2018, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has asked people to share how God used Mr. Graham to change their lives. Below are 10 comments—out of tens of thousands—that show his lasting impact for Christ.

“In 1963 I lived in Los Angeles. I was 13, in a gang and getting into quite a bit of trouble. My mother made me go to the Billy Graham Crusade held in Los Angeles. I was so touched by Billy Graham’s message that I quit the gang and straightened out my life.” —Erik

“My family went to see Billy Graham in Atlanta on June 19, 1973. My mother emptied my piggy bank to get change for the bus, and my 7-year-old sister gave her life to Christ that night. I had tears streaming down my face watching Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey. One message, ever and only—Jesus.” —Connie

“Watched his Crusades on television for years. Thank you, Billy Graham, for being consistent in all areas of your life. A special memory was when a neighbor who had come from Cuba came to Christ after watching a Crusade on TV with my family. We have a handful of your books. Thanks for giving to the Lord!” —Kathy

“Forty-eight years ago, in deep depression and about to take my life, I heard Billy Graham on the TV. I gave my heart and life to Christ and have never been the same. Today I still love and serve Christ thanks to the message of Dr. Graham. Thank you so much. Enjoy Heaven. I’ll see you there.” —Ray

“I was 14, being sexually abused at home almost daily by my dad and brother from 3 years old to 16. As a teenager I ran to listen to Billy Graham on the radio, my only safe place. I read every book he offered. Was saved at 15. God called me to be a Christian counselor. I have life, set free!” —Cindy

“In 1960 while living in Papua New Guinea with my husband and son, a Christian neighbor gave me Billy Graham’s book Peace with God. I came to faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior. The power and simplicity of the message convinced me of my need, and with God’s grace has extended to the next three generations.” —Rosalie

“I am 71. I’ve returned to Christ after 50 years away…although I always believed in God. I became ill and needed something to help me and give me some support. I am so glad to have found Jesus again. I hadn’t ever really heard Dr. Graham. Now I can’t get enough of his sermons. Thank you.” —Cynthia

“I was a 12-year-old boy (1981). I stayed home one Wednesday night to miss church and watch TV. I ended up watching Billy Graham and became saved as he told me I needed more than the ‘head knowledge’ I had. I needed a relationship with Jesus. Side note: We share a birthday, exactly 50 years apart.” —Mike

“I was saved at a Crusade at Boston College in Massachusetts in the 1980s. A neighbor I barely knew asked me to join her on a bus trip to the Crusade from her church. Her daughter was ill and couldn’t go. It was pouring rain, but they didn’t cancel the Crusade. That night Billy Graham led me to Christ.” —Josephine

“Billy saved my life. He brought me back to Christ, and I am eternally grateful for his devotion to God. He inspired me to not give up. My eternal thanks to the Graham family.” —Bruce

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