A My Hope ‘Breakthrough’ in Zambia

By Richard Greene, Decision Magazine   •   December 1, 2011

Chewe Lunda has been waking up at 4 o’clock each morning to pray for the salvation of many in his family who need Jesus.

Victory came just two weeks ago when Chewe’s younger cousin committed his life to Christ. Another followed Thursday evening when his older cousin decided to follow Jesus as Lord after watching the My Hope Zambia program on T.V., a ministry outreach which has now officially kicked off throughout the country and will continue Dec. 2 and 3.

“It’s been very hard watching my cousins going other ways, taking a path of certain destruction,” explained Chewe, who lives in Ndola, a major city in Zambia’s Copperbelt Region. “But I now thank God that He has worked in both of their hearts and that God has answered prayer. The breakthrough has come, and I’m so encouraged.”

The 26-year-old Chewe knows about traveling down that road. “Not too many years ago, I went to night clubs, drank heavily and slept with many women,” he said.

When he was younger, Chewe used to attend church but it held no meaning in his life. He was an only child in a broken home, and no one taught him about Jesus. “In fact, I’d go to church in the morning but in the afternoon I’d go drinking,” Chewe said.

In 2005, after he had become drunk, Chewe had grown tired and weary of the direction in his life. He felt empty. So he went to a childhood friend of his, Mpanza Simufanda, and confided in him that he felt lost but didn’t know what to do.

“Mpanza didn’t judge me but compassionately spoke to me from the Word of God about His love and how He demonstrated that love on the cross when Jesus died for our sins,” Chewe said. “That day a seed was firmly planted in my heart.”

Two weeks later, still thinking about what his friend had shared, Chewe decided to go to church and talk with a pastor about his spiritual dilemma. Chewe accepted Christ as his Savior.

“God began to change my life and He set me on the beginning of a wonderful journey of knowing and following Him,” Chewe said.

Immediately, the then 21-year-old began to witness to his friends. Three of them, all drinking buddies, laughed at Chewe’s new-found faith. But Chewe prayed for them and kept proclaiming the Good News of God’s unending love and forgiveness. He invited them to church, and all three, under conviction of the Holy Spirit, surrendered their hearts to the Lord.

Chewe has since become active at Integrity Christian Fellowship—serving as church administrator, coordinating its intercessory prayer ministry and volunteering with its young adult fellowship. At the same time, as an accountant with Ndola’s City Council for the past 18 months, he is involved with a lunchtime evangelistic outreach with other working professionals.

When he heard about My Hope Zambia, Chewe was initially reluctant about participating. But as he heard his pastor, the Rev. Kims Mukwavi, cast the vision of how the project would train church members to invite family and friends to watch the program and equip them to share their faith effectively, Chewe enthusiastically signed on.

Two weeks ago, Chewe’s younger cousin, Kasonde Mwamba, prayed to receive Christ. “I’ve started discipling him, so I invited him to come to the telecast hosted by my pastor at his house so he could see how we do evangelism and one day can help lead somebody else to the Lord,” Chewe explained.

In all, 10 friends and family came Thursday night to watch the My Hope program, which featured Zambian musical artists, testimonies by Zambian Christians, and a powerful Gospel message by Billy Graham on the cross of Jesus Christ and the need to follow Him wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

At the program’s conclusion, Chewe shared his personal spiritual journey of how Christ has transformed his life. Then he encouraged his guests, many of whom live in the surrounding neighborhood, to prayerfully invite Jesus into their own lives. Four responded, including his older cousin. Another chose to rededicate his life to follow Christ as Lord.

“I came tonight because I wanted to hear the Word of God and to become a follower of God,” said Chisanga Chisolo, Chewe’s 28-year-old cousin. “I need Him to protect me and to give me good guidance and to show me the light.”

Reflecting on everything that has taken place, Chewe said, “God deserves all the praise. Only He could have done all this. I thank Him.”

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