5 Things You Should Know about D2BD

By Michelle C. Wheeler   •   January 9, 2009

1. What is this D2BD? It sounds like a rap song.

Dare to Be a Daniel is a program from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association that seeks to equip tweens and early teens to share their faith in Jesus with others. Through a fun, interactive website and support from their local church community, these young people are given simple steps and tools to use when telling others about Christ.

Using Daniel as a Biblical example of a young person who walked with God, and training tools and techniques that have worked for more than 50 years, the D2BD program has seen over 10,000 young people complete the training.

There are several ways a student can get involved in D2BD. One of the most important components of the entire D2BD program is daretobeadaniel.com.

As Chad Miller, Director of D2BD Church Ministries, says, “This website is really a landing page for Christian tweens and teens to find great discipleship content, whether they are going through the training initiatives or not.”

This interactive site features videos, articles, message boards, and much more to help students learn how they can share their faith with others. If a student is particularly self-motivated, they can actually complete the entire D2BD using the individual online program.

Each of the programs accomplishes the same goal – training and equipping young people to effectively and clearly communicate the Gospel to their friends.

2. My church has completed the 13-Session Training Resource and it was a huge success. Are there other resources for students who want to go deeper?

The 13-Session Training Resource is the church curriculum mentioned above. This curriculum comes with everything you need to teach the course to your young teens: student manuals, a leader’s guide, videos to reinforce the lessons, a CD-Rom with reference materials that can be copied and distributed to your students. In other words, you will be “fully locked and loaded to teach this course,” says Miller.

If you have completed the curriculum, there is definitely more for your students to experience. The Team sections of daretobeadaniel.com are the best places for students to engage and go deeper. There are message boards to connect with other kids their age, videos from BGEA staff members that unpack some of the D2BD training, and more specific lessons like “How do I share Jesus with a friend in crisis?”

In the Spring of 2009, an alternative to the 13STR will be added to the D2BD program. This package will be the same information packed into a 5-week intensive training course that packs a punch! The website will also receive a complete overhaul to offer additional materials to students and leaders who are interested.

3. Do I really need to send in the Completion Cards? Do the kids get a certificate or something?

Well, yes, actually. When you send in the cards saying your students have completed the D2BD training, each student will receive a Team Member log-in for the D2BD website, and they will become a Certified Jr. Evangelist of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Anyone can get an account online at any time, but only Team Members have access to the message boards and other special content.

It’s very important for your students to become Team Members so they can stay encouraged and excited about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with their friends, so don’t forget to send in the Completion Cards at the end of the program.

4. I had a friend who attended Camp Daniel last year and it seemed fun. When is camp this year?

In the past, Camp Daniel was a once-a-year opportunity for students who had completed the D2BD training to come together and encourage one another. Starting in 2009, however, there will be Christian camps nation-wide offering the D2BD program. Miller says, “we’re equipping camps around the country to take kids through the initial training and then point them to the online resources to go even deeper.”

Keep an eye on the website for an upcoming announcement on how you can enroll in the camp nearest you. And if you’re interested in hosting a camp in your town, please contact the D2BD team at d2bd@bgea.org.

5. D2BD seems to be geared to middle schoolers. What about my older teens who don’t want to be lumped in with the “kids?”

The original D2BD program was aimed toward equipping younger teens with tools and boldness to share their faith. However, we’ve seen great success with older age groups as well, with only some minor tweaking to the lessons that already exist.

In the coming months, there will be some updates made to the curriculum to make the program even more accessible to older teens. We’re also hoping to add a Teacher’s Forum to the website so leaders can share what they’re doing to make their program a success across the board.

Though some of the videos and examples are aimed at a younger group, the lessons and techniques within have been used by BGEA for over 50 years of successful ministry. Learning to share your faith with boldness and love is something all of us could brush up on now and then. With these timeless tools, you’re sure to find that it’s not just the students who are learning – but you’ll pick up some tips as well!

How to Pray for D2BD:

  • Pray for our 10,800+ Team D2BD (trained students) as they become “doers of the word” and share the Gospel with their friends and family.
  • Pray for more ministries to use the Dare to Be a Daniel resource as a tool to equip their middle-school/junior high age youth to be disciples of Jesus and appropriately share Jesus Christ with them.
  • Pray for the ministry team as we are halfway through developing the 5-Session D2BD Experience (a new training resource).
  • Also pray that God would multiply the number of trained Daniels.

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