5 Stories of People Impacted by the Decision America Tour

By   •   July 8, 2016

The Decision America Tour kicked off in January and goes through October. So far, Franklin Graham has stopped in 32 states with 18 to go.

As Franklin Graham’s 50-state Decision America Tour makes its way across the country, people of all ages and backgrounds are committing their lives to Jesus, growing in their faith, and being inspired to pray for America and get out and vote. Be encouraged by these five stories as you keep the United States of America in prayer.

A Renewed Calling to Follow Jesus

Brenda couldn’t believe God could love a person like her. The product of an abusive home, she self-medicated through alcohol and drugs and sought acceptance through bad relationships.

“I made some very bad choices in life,” Brenda wrote. “God brought me to my knees to show me where my life was going, and I chose Jesus. I once was lost but now I’m found—all the glory of God.”

daughter woman at prayer rally
Brenda and her daughter at the Phoenix, Arizona, Decision America Tour rally.

For that reason, Brenda wasn’t going to miss spending an hour in prayer with fellow Christians on the Phoenix State Capitol grounds. Her job means she’s on call a lot, but she was determined to be there no matter what.

“[It was] an amazing moment when we were holding hands and we all bowed our heads and prayed. That was the most glorious feeling of all that I took with me,” she wrote, reflecting on her time at the rally. It was also there that she decided to recommit her life to Christ. “It’s a wonderful feeling deep inside knowing that one day I will be living in paradise with my Sovereign King,” she wrote.

A Greater Desire to Serve Others

Robert rededicated his life to Jesus during Colorado’s Decision America stop, and since then, can’t get enough of serving God and others. “Ever since being at the tour, I want to get involved in lots of things,” he wrote. He’s helped deliver groceries to needy families in the Denver metro area and from that is helping with a Sunday school program, too. Back in the spring, he began looking into jobs that would allow him to do more ministry. “I believe Jesus is going to start working,” he wrote, confidently. “Christ commands us. Reap that harvest.”

Her New Commitment to Pray for America

Joni, a single mom with a 16-year-old daughter, ran into hard times back in October when she fell and broke both elbows. During months of surgery and physical therapy, she got away from her daily routine and away from God. “Franklin Graham’s message came at a really great time for me,” Joni wrote after watching Tallahassee’s Decision America prayer rally online. She was moved to rededicate her life to the Lord.

After joining Franklin Graham at his Decision America stop in Georgia, Laura was motivated to step up her prayer life. “Hearing his service made me realize I needed to pray for the U.S.A.,” she wrote. “Our leaders do not have the U.S. citizens’ well-being at heart and have neglected to put God first.” She also committed to praying before her state’s primary. “I voted for the candidate God’s still small voice led me to vote for,” Laura wrote.

‘Things Haven’t Been the Same’

The weather was less than optimal, but Jennifer agreed to go to the New Hampshire prayer rally anyway. Some friends from church had invited her, and she was interested to hear what the son of Billy Graham had to say. “When Franklin Graham gave the invitation [to receive Christ], it was powerful,” Jennifer said. “I prayed the prayer along with him. I’ve never done something like that before. Things haven’t been the same for me since the rally.”

woman prayer rally
Jennifer attended the Decision America Tour stop in New Hampshire.

Since that rather cold Jan. 19 day, Jennifer has completed the BGEA’s free online discipleship course called Know Jesus and posted her accomplishment on her Facebook page for everybody to see. “I’m learning how to follow Jesus more, read the Word each day and take [His direction].”

Now He’s Sure

John had never considered the question before Franklin Graham posed it that chilly January afternoon in New Hampshire. He happened to see an ad for the Decision America Tour stop in his State Capitol and decided to attend. While there, Franklin Graham asked, “Are you sure your sins are forgiven?”

“I never questioned that until Franklin brought it up,” John wrote. And even though he had experience with church 18 years ago, he wasn’t sure what his answer was as he stood on the Capitol grounds. He prayed along with Franklin Graham to receive Jesus and texted in his decision to the BGEA headquarters. A follow-up email encouraged John to find a local church, which he did with the help of his 16-year-old grandson Cody.

“Cody had never been to church, but God opened a spiritual conversation for me to talk and tell what God is doing in my life,” John wrote. “The next day, I actually went to church. And I took Cody to church for the first time! Now we’ve kept going together on Sundays.”

Franklin preaching to crowd
Over 150,000 people across 32 states have joined the Decision America Tour. They have held hands in prayer for the nation, but many have also been influenced personally. Will you pray for lives to be impacted in the remaining 18 states?