3 Reasons to Watch ‘The Bible’ this Sunday

By   •   March 27, 2013

This Sunday, the five-week series finale for “The Bible” airs on The History Channel at 8 p.m. (Eastern). The mini-series blockbuster, which Franklin Graham called “compelling,” has seen record cable ratings this year.

If you haven’t seen “The Bible” yet, here’s three reasons to take notice of the series produced by Mark Burnett and wife Roma Downing.

1. Endorsement by Franklin Graham

The president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangeslistic Association, Franklin Graham likes the potential impact the series has had on American culture: “The Bible Series airing on the History Channel is a compelling 10-hour feature that will likely cause a viewer to want to open the pages of Scripture to see the realities of Almighty God’s plan for the human race.” 

2. Billy Graham Footage in 30-Second Ad

My Hope America with Billy Graham is not just a nationwide outreach, but perhaps Billy Graham’s final crusade and it’s happening in living rooms around America. On Easter Sunday, you can find out more about My Hope by watching “The Bible” or you can check out the spot below:

3. ‘The Bible’ Facebook Game

While you don’t have to watch “The Bible” to play the affiliated Facebook Game, “Light the Way: The Bible,” it will give you a better scriptural foundation to understand and enjoy it. Released by Lightside Games, which earlier produced “The Journey of Moses,” and “The Journey of Jesus,” more than 4 million gamers have played Lightside’s social network games and now BGEA’s internet evangelism ministry, SearchforJesus.net is partnering to help spread the Gospel.  

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  1. Liz says:

    I pray that the Power of the gospel transcends all nations and that even those that watched skeptically will find themselves weeping before the prescience of an Almighty God recognizing their need of Salvation and recognize grace. In Jesus Name

  2. Walter says:

    Please pray for me. I am born again–and I know that I know that Jesus is my savior. I believe in the entire Bible without question and all of God's miracles. We neeed Jesus now more then ever—I praise and worship Jesus through playing in my mus

  3. Pamela says:

    MY prayer is that many will come to know Christ after watching this wonderful series. We must share what He has done for us with the lost.

  4. MARILYN says:


  5. David. says:

    I`m a Christian who came to believe and ask jesus into my life in the mid 80s and slowly my life has changed,I have a burden for the unsaved,my father who is a catholic has started reading the many Billy Graham books and a change has begone.

  6. Dana says:

    I have been watching The Bible miniseries with my husband and we have both really enjoyed it. The time is now for all people to turn to the Lord for repentance and deliverance. My hope is that people's hearts and minds would turn to Christ!

  7. Jill says:

    It is true that some of the series isn't totally in line with the Bible but it tells the “Big Picture” of us all being sinners and needing a savior. It is after all a TV program not a doctrinal thesis.

  8. Dan says:

    This nation needs our Savior, Jesus Christ, now more than ever. Thank you Reverend Graham for standing up for the Gospel! May we see a great Third Great Reawakening in this country

  9. Brenda says:

    I have truly enjoyed the miniseries of the Bible, can't wait to see the finale. God bless you Dr. Graham and your son Franklin on your ministry. My husband and I will continue to support your ministry. God bless Roma Downing and her husband

  10. Pat says:

    The Bible series has been a very good series despite not strickly sticking to God's Word. Hopefully it will challenge people to actually read the Bible.