Franklin Graham: Bible TV Series ‘Compelling’

March 8, 2013

The Bible” series, airing on the History Channel is a compelling 10-hour feature that will likely cause a viewer to want to open the pages of Scripture to see the realities of Almighty God’s plan for the human race. 

While there are some story lines interpreted differently, the truth is that in all things the Lord Jesus Christ is seen lifted up before the world and glorified as the King of kings. 

As Easter approaches, it is good to once again turn to the Truth of Scripture to behold what the Savior of the world has done for the sinful human race by the gift of salvation through His grace. 

For it is through repentance of sin that men, women and children can receive God’s forgiveness through His sacrifice on the cross for the redemption of our sin, and for the hope of Heaven eternal because of His redeeming love.

                                                                        –Franklin Graham

“The Bible” series continues on Sunday nights, March 17, 24 and March 31 at 8/7 Central on The History Channel. To watch an extended trailer, click here.

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  1. Gail says:

    I am so glad that Roma Downey and her husband made this Christian mini-series. I think it will get a lot of people thinking about where they will go when God takes them home. The movie is so compelling that you stay riveted to the screen.