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Reach Our Nation

My HopeMy Hope With Billy Graham
In 53 countries thus far, the Holy Spirit has been using My Hope to draw people to Jesus and change lives at a pace beyond all anyone asked or dared to imagine. Now, My Hope with Billy Graham will be a massive effort to reach people across the United Stated and Canada with the same Gospel in November 2013. Following a simple biblical model and partnering with the local church, Christians across this land will open their hearts to share their testimonies one-one-one after viewing a Gospel message from Mr. Graham through various digital outlets.

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Change a Life

The Billy Graham LibraryBilly Graham Library
Many historical libraries preserve the stories of people’s lives. But at this Library, people’s life stories are changed. Visitors come from every state and many foreign countries, up to a thousand people on busy days and even more during Christmas at the Library in December. The displays, high-tech exhibits, and multimedia presentations tell the story of how God used one man’s life and ministry in remarkable ways–but that’s not the Library’s real purpose. The primary goal is life-changing ministry. The same message of Jesus Christ that Billy Graham has preached his entire life is woven into every part of the tour. Since the Library opened, over 17,000 guests have made decisions for Christ during their visit. The ministry of the Library impacts people’s hearts and lives now, tomorrow, and for eternity.

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Transform a City

CrusadesEvangelistic Crusades
God wants to draw lost and hurting people to Himself and transform their communities, and He does this by the power of the Gospel. Over 2 million people heard the Gospel in person at BGEA’s citywide evangelistic Crusades, Festivals, and Celebrations during the last three years. Franklin Graham and associate evangelists such as Will Graham are leading events this year in cities from Southern California to the Jersey Shore, as well as in other countries such as Liberia, India, and Lithuania. Each Crusade is carried out in close partnership with local churches, and people who make life-changing spiritual commitments impact the city, its neighborhoods, and its churches for years to come.

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Train a Child

Children & YouthYouth Evangelism & Discipleship
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me” (Mark 10:14), and when children learn about Jesus, many eagerly respond. The Greatest Journey is an exciting discipleship Bible study created specifically to help boys and girls ages 6-9 learn how to receive Jesus Christ, follow Him faithfully, and share their faith with others. Named for the Great Commission, the 12-session study is designed for home use, Sunday school, or children’s outreach and will be available in late 2012.

Another BGEA youth training outreach, called Dare to Be a Daniel (D2BD), focuses on Christian young people ages 9–14. D2BD equips Christian boys and girls to share their faith in appropriate ways with others. Already, 17,000 students across the country have completed D2BD training and are standing for Christ in their schools.

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Comfort the Suffering

Rapid Response TeamRapid Response Team
In the aftermath of a disaster, not all the damage can be repaired with medicine, plywood, and insurance. Even as emergency and relief workers respond to physical needs, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deploys trained volunteer chaplains to care for emotional and spiritual needs. RRT chaplains have comforted and prayed one-on-one with more than 130,000 people affected by tragedies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, shooting massacres, floods, tornadoes, and fires, bringing the love and compassion of Christ into shattered lives and communities.

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Share the Gospel with Millions

Internet EvangelismInternet Evangelism
Each day millions search desperately online for answers to their questions. They’re looking for something to fill the emptiness within. When individuals enter phrases like “Does God answer prayers?” or “Is there a God?” in popular search engines, BGEA’s Internet evangelism outreach will direct them to real hope, through compelling Gospel presentations on special websites for searches that address these concerns. Visitors are then invited to surrender their lives to Jesus on our evangelistic website, Online discipleship materials help instruct new believers as we work to transition them into a local church relationship.

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