Young People Respond to Gospel Message in Huntington

By   •   November 8, 2015

Day two of the Tri-State Celebration started with a KidzFest event in the morning, giving little ones a chance to have fun and hear a simple Gospel message.
Counselor and boy
Counselors were ready to share the Good News with kids who wanted to learn more about Jesus.
Women with hands lifted
Later that evening, the arena was filled with worship.
Lacey gave an energetic performance, then took time to share her testimony.
girl gazing
Lacey looked into the eyes of many in the crowd, telling them how special they are to God.
Enjoying the show together.
Will Graham
Will Graham spoke on purpose and the importance of finding direction through Christ.
Girl gives high five
High five! This little lady had a good time in Huntington.
girl reading
This young girl couldn't wait to see what was inside the booklet a counselor gave her after she walked forward with her family during the invitation.
Artist Dae-Lee getting the crowd involved. He encouraged each person to listen carefully to the lyrics and the sermon preached.
Crowd clapping
Some decided to leave their seats for more room to clap and dance around.
Lacey took time for an intimate moment with the audience to share her testimony and remind them that they, too, have a purpose: "You're a miracle. You're alive for a reason. ... You have a purpose."
Will Graham
"You'll never fulfill your purpose in life until you lay your life into your Master's hand," Will Graham told the crowd.
Young man listening
This young man quietly listened as the Gospel was presented and later decided to walk forward during the invitation. "God brought you here for a purpose; so you could hear the truth about Him," Will Graham said.
Man crying
"What are the areas of your life that you don't want God to be too close to?" Will asked. Tonight, many decided to give every area to God.
Couple embrace
Sharing an emotional moment at the foot of the cross.
girls and counselor
The Gospel is something to smile about.