Will Graham Shares the Gospel in Australia

By   •   May 10, 2014

Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, preaches at the Reality Tour in Broken Hill, Australia. Revival swept through Australia after Billy Graham's 1959 Crusade tour.
Responding to a Gospel presentation from Will Graham.
Australians came forward, wanting to a clean start with God and a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Will Graham preached in Australia in 2012 in Orange, New South Wales.
Will Graham is passionate about people knowing the truth and what it means to have a saving faith in Jesus.
Some where overwhelmed by emotion during the invitation on Saturday.
Many came to ride bikes and stayed to hear how God can impact their lives.
More tricks at the Reality Tour.
The Reality Tour included a bike event that attracted many youth.
Music and drama were used to set the stage for Will Graham's preaching
Filling out a commitment card.
Will Graham asks people at the Reality Tour in Broken Hill to come forward and make a profession of faith.
Will Graham will bring the Good News to Owensboro, Kentucky on April 24-26.

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  1. JASON says:

    Brother Will you are doing God’s work in Australia and when you meet those people in Heaven they will thank you for changing their lives.

  2. Brenda Ellison says:

    What a legacy from Bro. Billy and Sis. Ruth, to Franklin and now to Will(guess we know who he was named after). Your family have been and continue to be a blessing and example to countless millions. Only Heaven will reveal what you truly have achieved through your ministry. God bless you all!! Praying for you Bro. Billy!!!!

  3. Carol Daniel Wooten says:

    This strong young man has a heritage to draw from that is very great. My prayers will stay with him as he carries on the work of bringing souls to Jesus.

  4. John O. Ayodele says:

    BGEA is been a great blessing to me… & I trust God to help me in the part of Evangelism.

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