Will Graham Kicks Off Three-Day Ohio Valley Celebration

By   •   April 25, 2015

The growing riverfront in Owensboro, Kentucky, is a sign of revitalization in the city. Churches are hoping there will be a similar spiritual renewal after this weekend's Will Graham Celebration.
Will Graham
Will Graham shared a few funny anecdotes and gave an update on his grandfather. "His voice can be weak," Will noted. But when he hears about souls being saved, he gives a strong, "Praise the Lord!"
Charlotte artist Dae-Lee made sure the crowd knew who they should look to for their true identity: Christ.
The Afters
The Afters have performed for BGEA on other occasions, and will put on a show for Franklin Graham's upcoming Festival in Barcelona.
Girls at concert
A quick pose for the camera.
boys praying
These three boys quickly agreed when a counselor asked, "Can I pray with you?"
The Afters
The Afters ended the night with some upbeat songs, asking the crowd to light up their phones and sing along.
Some of the T-shirts in the crowd made people chuckle. This young lady's Jesus tee says, "I'll be back."
Will Graham prayed with many who walked forward during the invitation. He then urged them to read the Bible and go to church Sunday.
One girl wanted to be sure she was filling her form out correctly. Each person who walks forward is connected with a local church to continue growing in his or her faith.
Girl in crowd
This young girl was excited to show off her autographed Dae-Lee poster, before joining in listening to The Afters.
counselor and boys
A counselor goes over the Gospel message with two young boys.
teens raising hands at concert
Hands were raised and feet were jumping for the Lord.
guys praying
Counselors, many of them young, were intentional about praying with each person who came forward during the invitation.
girl dancing
Many little ones rocked out in the crowd.
Crowd of youth
Young people were enthusiastic throughout the event.
teens singing
Two friends sing along to The Afters.
group looking at cell phone
One man, pictured in the middle, was so excited about praying with a counselor that he asked a BGEA employee to get a quick snapshot.