‘What Will You Do With Jesus?’

By   •   October 24, 2021

Will Graham smiling
This weekend, the Greater London Celebration with Will Graham is drawing Canadians to London, Ontario. Hundreds attended the Saturday night event—worshiping Jesus and listening intently to the Gospel message. Even more watched a livestream from local Gateway Church.
“What are you going to do with Jesus?” is the most important question in all of human history, Will Graham said. Saturday night, those listening had the opportunity to answer that question.
Two hours west of Toronto, hundreds of thousands call London, Ontario, home. At the time of the Celebration, trees were just beginning to turn along the Canadian roadsides.
Will Graham KidzFest
The weekend outreach began Friday, when Will Graham donned his iconic KidzFest suit and addressed over 300 kids, parents and grandparents during a youth-focused event.
Kids heard music from the Canadian band, The Color. The four-person band sang, danced and, in their words, “acted a little younger than our age.”
One mother translated every word of Will Graham’s message for her Spanish-speaking son (not pictured). After the message, the four-year-old boy made a decision to accept Christ into his heart and make Him his forever friend. >>Read the full story.
children listening at KidzFest
After an evangelistic video titled “The Quest” and a few words from Will Graham, many children came forward to put their faith and trust in Christ. “The response to the Gospel was almost unprecedented,” Graham posted later on Twitter.
Will Graham far away
For more than 20 years, local pastors and church leaders have been praying that a large evangelistic event would happen at this London arena.
Brooke Nicholls
Canadian-born, singer-songwriter Brooke Nicholls opened Saturday night’s event, leading the audience in worship to God. Her husband and baby came to support.
the Afters
The Christian pop band The Afters got the crowd clapping and dancing with their upbeat tunes. “One thing I’ve experienced over and over again is God’s faithfulness,” said lead singer Josh Havens.
woman worshiping
When a technical difficulty caused their mics to malfunction, Josh Havens and Matt Fuqua of The Afters led the crowd in an acoustic version of “How Great Is our God.” The lyrics “You're the name above all names, You are worthy of our praise” resounded through the arena as the crowd lifted their voices in praise.
George Canyon
Award-winning country star George Canyon brought a folk flavor to Saturday night’s line up.
George Canyon
Canyon shared a bit of his testimony with the audience. When his dreams of joining the military were dashed by health issues, the singer still trusted in God’s faithfulness. “There are times in your life when you are looking at your future, and it doesn’t look good.” God has bigger plans for you, he reminded the crowd.
baby at event
People of all ages were at the event, including this young boy who watched the event happily from his mother's lap.
couple listens to Will Graham's message.
Will Graham’s Saturday message centered around the story of Pontius Pilate and Barabbas, as told in the Gospels. “Barabbas was a man who was guilty and condemned, but he was never executed. Why?” Will Graham asked the crowd. The answer: Someone he never met took his place.
Will Graham and crowd.
“Are you going to let Jesus come into your life?” the evangelist asked the attentive crowd. “That’s the decision you’re going to have to make tonight.” The Holy Spirit led many to make the eternal decision to accept Jesus Christ.
women worshiping
Please pray those who heard the Gospel during Will Graham’s Celebration in London, Ontario, grow closer and closer to their Savior in the days afterward.