Tri-Cities Will Graham Celebration Ends with Surrender

By   •   April 29, 2018

Will Graham preached during the Tri-Cities Region Celebration in Johnson City, Tennessee, April 27-29, sharing with thousands the difference Jesus can make in their lives. Each life surrendered to Christ is a reason to keep the celebration going.
Over 9,000 people came to Freedom Hall Civic Center over the three-day Tri-Cities Celebration, with many leaving their seats each night to come down front and publicly call Christ their Lord.
Aaron Shust grew up with Billy Graham books on his family's bookshelves and sang in the choir at the 1993 Crusade in Pittsburgh. Now, 25 years later, he often travels with Will Graham to lead worship, just as he did in Johnson City, Tennessee.
Ellie Holcomb, known for songs like "Red Sea Road" and "He Will," shared how she and her husband have been through some tough times in life but how God has been faithful through it all.
Christ is for everyone, Will Graham told the crowd, and no one is too far from Him to receive His forgiveness.
As someone who grew up a short distance from the Tri-Cities, Will Graham could relate to the crowd. He's familiar with the church scene and knows many identify as Christians simply because they go to church or because they come from a Christian family, he said. But that doesn't make a person a Christ follower.
God wants more from us than going through the motions of churchgoing and Bible reading; He wants to play an active role in our everyday lives.
Local artist Jenniffer Trent opened the last day of the Celebration. At one point, she was joined onstage by her brothers who lent their voices for one song.
Each night of the event, people made their way to Freedom Hall to hear what Billy Graham's grandson had to say. At the core of each message was finding freedom in Jesus.
Aaron Shust can't help but smile as he sings. "Your praise will ever be on my lips," he sang later in the evening.
Children will often mimic what they see their parents doing. Throughout the weekend, Will Graham encouraged parents to get right with God so they can lead their families well.
"God didn't come to make bad people good; He came to make dead people alive," Ellie Holcomb told over 3,000 people in the venue.
It's not too late to turn to Christ. Watch a replay of the Tri-Cities Region Will Graham Celebration and see why so many decided to make Jesus the center of their lives.