‘Tournament Town’ Celebrates New Life with Christ

By Thomas Petrino, Paul Sherar & Matt Rath   •   October 10, 2019

A crowd of 8,600 filled the White Oak Amphitheater at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex to hear the Good News from Franklin Graham on Wednesday. This marked the fifth stop of the Decision America Tar Heel State Tour.
Known for being the headquarters of the collegiate Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Greensboro gained its nickname “Tournament Town.” However, Wednesday night was not about a score or competition, but abundant grace.
"Have you been running from God?" Franklin Graham asked the crowd soon after taking the stage.
After a long summer, it's finally starting to feel like fall in North Carolina. Many enjoyed the cool evening under a cloudless sky.
"Jesus Christ is a greater Savior than you are a sinner," said Dennis Agajanian, who's been involved with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association since 1974. He kicked off the evening with singing and fast picking his acoustic guitar.
Although many in the crowd were strangers, they united in worship as brothers and sisters in Christ.
Franklin Graham told thousands about the meaning of forgiveness through the story of the Prodigal Son. Despite his wrongdoings, the young man’s choice to come home was celebrated by a forgiving father. "He's the God of the second chance," Franklin Graham told the audience. The word "amen" could be heard repeatedly across the crowd in response.
While nearly half of all North Carolinians believe good works will get them to heaven, Franklin Graham told attendees that believing in Jesus is the only true way to receive eternal life.
Christian singer and songwriter Jeremy Camp shared with the crowd the importance of the Holy Spirit. "I encourage you as we sing these songs to show in the reaction of your heart what He's done in your life—the joy," Camp said. He later invited his wife, Adrienne, to accompany him onstage for the song, "Overcome."
"This is a holy moment," Franklin Graham told the dozens who boldly stood to make a decision for Christ. Afterward, trained counselors prayed with them and gave them materials to help their walk with Christ.
"Loneliness is a very difficult thing. Jesus said, 'I'll never leave you or forsake you,'" Franklin Graham encouraged those listening. "He’ll stick with you for the rest of your life if you're willing to trust in Him." >> Do you feel lonely or empty? Jesus Christ can fill that void. Trust Him with your life.
"When you come to Christ tonight, you're clothed in His righteousness," Franklin Graham said, adding that the Prodigal Son received a robe, sandals and ring from his father. He said to those deciding to turn from their sins and follow the Lord: "God will forgive you, and all of heaven will celebrate tonight. There will be great rejoicing."
Bursting fireworks in the night sky matched many attendees' hearts that were erupting with celebration after choosing to follow Christ.
The Decision America Tar Heel State Tour is headed to Charlotte (October 12) and Asheville (October 13). Choose a stop to attend with family and friends, or join us online.