Thailand Festival: Sunday Night

By   •   November 24, 2013

Thailand Festival
Christian singer Boy Peacemaker performed several songs Sunday at the Abundant Life Festival with Franklin Graham in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The Abundant Life Festival choir performs in Chiang Mai.
thailand festival
These women came forward together to submit their life to Christ. A counselor helped them with the next steps.
thailand festival
This young man was impacted as Franklin preached about the Prodigal Son Sunday night.
thailand festival
Students from Antioch Christian Training School in Washington state performed an interpretive dance showing God's love for us through His son Jesus.
thailand festival
Two girls read through the spiritual guidance book.
thailand festival
Boy Peacemaker's worship music is very popular in Thailand.
thailand festival
Franklin Graham sits on stage with his interpreter and some of the Festival leaders in Chiang Mai
thailand festival
At this part of the dance, Jesus is taking the punishment for our sins.
Many sons and daughters came home to Christ on Sunday.
thailand festival
An officer guarding the stage takes a quick snapshot of the Tommy Coomes Band performing.
Thailand Festival
Responding to an invitation to receive Christ on Sunday night in Chiang Mai.
Thailand Festival
Franklin Graham presented the Gospel message on three consecutive nights in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Thailand Festival
Taking in the Abundant Life Festival from outside the stadium.
Thailand Festival
A move of the Holy Spirit in Chiang Mai.
Thailand Festival
The Abundant Life Festival drew more than 30,000 on Sunday night — and over 70,000 for the three-night event — and thousands responded to an invitation from Franklin Graham to receive Christ.

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  1. John Divakar says:

    This is a great event. Really this type of meetings are required to reach the unreached.

  2. Barbara Hull says:

    All I can say is praise God for his message and that it lives on through Franklin and can be shared with so many at one time. Amazing

  3. David C says:

    Absolutly moving! God, you are amazing!!!

  4. David says:


  5. Eo Mathison says:

    I was born in Thailand and born Buddhism! I came to New York in 1978 because my mom remarried to a U.S Army soldier! I gave my life Jesus 2002! I now have a lovely wife that also loves the LORD! We went to visit my family in Bangkok two summers ago and was able to attend a Christian church one Sunday! It was so great to see Thai people like myself worshipping the LORD. I am thankful to be a loving Christian…..I could never live without HIM. Billy/Franklin Graham ministries……thank you for reaching the Thai people and spreading the truth! I would have loved to be there! Sawadee kup!!!!!

  6. Carole H. says:

    My family lived in Thailand for 7 years and it is a blessing to me to see the gospel being presented to so many lovely people! May the Holy Spirit lead and guide my new brothers and sisters in Christ. My prayer is for the pastors who will deciple the new believers that The Lord will give them guidance and protection.

  7. J.Benjamin Jacob says:

    Know JESUS know peace. No JESUS No peace. Take itt to thai brothers, sister d parents all.

  8. J.Benjamin Jacob says:

    Well done take a real effort we should support thai people to know about JESUS our GOD.

  9. J.G.John says:

    Praise God and thank for the wonderful event. Amen.

  10. Hubert Thomas says:

    My wife and I spent a few days in Chiang Mai in August 2011, staying at the YMCA. We prayed for the Gospel to be heard my those gentle people. Thank God it happened.

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