Pilot Tammie Jo Shults Shares Her Faith at Billy Graham Library

By Rebekah Petrino   •   November 16, 2019

Saturday afternoon, the Billy Graham Library welcomed Southwest Airlines captain and former naval aviator Tammie Jo Shults for a book signing. Shults received wide acclaim when, on April 17, 2018, she and her crew successfully landed a Boeing 737 after catastrophic engine failure, saving the lives of 148 people.
In her new book Nerves of Steel, Shults shares her life story from growing up the daughter of a rancher to breaking gender barriers as a Navy fighter pilot and beyond.
The cool, cloudy weather in Charlotte, North Carolina, didn't keep the crowds away from Saturday's book signing.
People from all walks of life waited in line to meet Shults, who still flies as a captain for Southwest Airlines today.
Perhaps a pilot in the making, this little guy enjoyed flipping through the pages of Shults' book while waiting in line.
Since she was a little girl, Captain Shults wanted to be a pilot. There's also a young readers edition of her book available for all young people "who work hard to chase their dreams and are excited for the adventure ahead."
Shults’ early interest in flying led her to break gender barriers and become one of the first female F/A-18 Hornet pilots in the United States Navy. Her eight years of military service resonated with many in the crowd.
Excited to meet a hero.
The ladies were happy to show off their signed copies of Nerves of Steel.
During her time at the Library, Shults was able to take The Journey of Faith tour, which highlights some of Billy Graham's life and ministry. Here, she stands in the room dedicated to Ruth Bell Graham.
Grab a copy of Nerves of Steel during your visit to the Billy Graham Library.