Sunday Gallery: Festival of Hope in Sapporo, Japan

By   •   May 11, 2014

The final night of the Hokkaido Festival of Hope took place Sunday night in Sapporo, Japan. A lively Japanese choir kicked off an amazing night of worship.
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham says he always prays before preaching the Gospel. Sunday night, he talked about the Prodigal Son, telling the crowd of thousands that God is waiting to welcome them home if they repent and accept Jesus through faith.
This traditional dance group performed graceful moves to worship music.
woman and child
This woman listened to Swedish singer Lena Maria while holding her child. Lena Maria has been disabled since birth but says the love of God gives her joy every day.
boy in crowd
The Hokkaido Festival of Hope took place on Japan's northernmost island. Thousands of Japanese people attended, including many children, like this little guy.
Worshiping God to the powerful sounds of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers.
Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham smiled as he told the crowd gathered in front of the stage that God has forgiven their sins. "Maybe when we get to heaven and have eternity, you can teach me how to use chopsticks," he said.
mom and daughter
The final night of the Festival took place on Mother's Day. This mother went forward during the Gospel invitation and prayed as her daughter clung to her.
A boy who responded to the Gospel invitation prayed with a trained counselor. A few minutes later, he was in the front row of the crowd as the Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers led worship.
A young woman who came forward during the invitation to accept Christ smiled as she spoke with a local counselor.
Brooklyn Tab
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers led worship after the Gospel invitation and response. The love of God was palpable in the arena as hundreds of Japanese rushed to the foot of the stage, lifting their hands in praise and worship.
man worshiping
This man worshiped passionately and didn't care who was watching.
Tommy Coomes Band
The Tommy Coomes Band led a worship set just before Franklin Graham preached the Gospel.
A Japanese family worshiped Jesus together.
The BGEA has been invited to hold a Festival in Tokyo in 2015. On the last night of the Festival of Hope in Sapporo, the local pastors passed the torch to the pastors from Tokyo by presenting them with a banner full of prayers for the future of Japan.

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  1. Kimberly Moormann says:

    My family is praying for Japan. Our hearts are joyful to see the gospel going out and many coming to Christ in Japan.

  2. Mary Smith says:

    It is so encouraging to see those who listened to the preaching and responding to the message in Sapporo, Japan.

  3. Vanlalrema Kuki says:

    This is beautiful to see when peoples find Jesus in their life. Joy of hopes and joy of tears are nice for God to see from His son and daughter. i am really impressed by this festival views. Thanks to Franklin Graham Ministry.

  4. maureen fletcher says:

    These are a must see for all believers!

  5. Pascal Zivi says:

    It was avery beautiful festival.Thank you !!! God bless the next festival in Tokyo .

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