Search for Jesus Volunteer Conference 2013

By   •   August 9, 2013

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Search for Jesus staff members Susan Hill and Jessica Romero, the Spanish ministry manager, handed out nametags and gift bags as volunteers arrived.
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Volunteer Bob Poff of Virginia talks to Larry Wagner, SFJ volunteer application and training representative.
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Cathy and Bill Fanning of North Carolina go through the buffet line at dinner.
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Pam Thacker (purple shirt) and her husband, Darrell, of California, join volunteer Lea Price of Texas, BGEA Vice President Duane Gaylord and his assistant Sean O'Loughlin, for dinner.
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Volunteers and staff members enjoy dinner in the BGEA dining room.
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Volunteer coordinator Hope Londeree grabs some dessert after dinner.
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Volunteer application and training representative Nathan Mackey talks to volunteer Rebecca Miller and her husband, Bill, of Virginia.
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Web designer David Arrington, left, joins Internet Evangelism Director John Cass at the podium.
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Christian singer Mark Christian led volunteers in worship.
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Christian singer Mark Christian led volunteers in worship.
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Frank Barnes worships with the volunteers.
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BGEA Vice President Duane Gaylord, who oversees Internet evangelism, addressed the group and expressed appreciation for the volunteers.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_137 EDIT.jpg
Internet Evangelism Director John Cass shared with volunteers the vision for the ministry.
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A ministry update included a talk about Spanish outreach by Spanish ministry manager Jessica Romero.
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Mark Appleton, Search for Jesus operations manager, addressed the volunteers Friday and preached on Sunday morning.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_151 EDIT.jpg
Volunteer Lea Price of Texas shared how she got involved in Search for Jesus.
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Worship leader Mark Christian brought local musicians together to lead volunteers in praising God.
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Volunteer Lynne Fetsko and her husband, James, of Georgia worship together.
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Web designer David Arrington and church referral coordinator Tameka Thomas also helped lead worship during the conference.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_240 EDIT.jpg
Dr. Michael Brown, a Messianic Jewish apologist, discussed apologetics and gave volunteers tips on sharing their faith.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_245 EDIT.jpg
Volunteers took notes during Dr. Michael Brown's talk.
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Volunteers listened as Dr. Michael Brown offered advice for sharing their faith.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_295 EDIT.jpg
Volunteer David Lepak and his wife, Lynn, of Wisconsin, took notes.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_319 EDIT.jpg
Counselor Kim Hall led a session about self care.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_333 EDIT.jpg
Aviza Rodgers joined several others in one of the breakout sessions.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_336 EDIT.jpg
Paul Wiese, a Search for Jesus email responder, showed other volunteers how they can get involved in a new volunteer opportunity.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_366 EDIT.jpg
Jack Munday, international director of the BGEA Rapid Response Team, led a session about responding to crisis situations.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_446 EDIT.jpg
Staff members spent a lot of time getting to know volunteers. Pam Boseman, right, volunteer application and training representative, spent some time with volunteers Stephen Asare of Ohio and Tanya Jones of Louisiana.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_470 EDIT.jpg
A couple of volunteers browse through "Decision" magazine in a BGEA lobby.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_510 EDIT.jpg
Staff and volunteers during worship.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_544 EDIT.jpg
Church referral coordinator Tameka Thomas talked about how churches can partner with the ministry.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_559 EDIT.jpg
National field manager Dan Martin oversees area coordinators.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_568 EDIT.jpg
Team members David Lepak and Wayne Rickert pose with Internet Evangelism Director John Cass.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_573 EDIT.jpg
Each table took a moment to pray for area coordinators.
sc0713_BGEA_SFJ_627 EDIT.jpg
Volunteer Jane Allen of North Carolina was one of many volunteers who recorded how and why she got involved in Search for Jesus.

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  1. Caitlyn Jensen says:

    What a wonderful, blessed time of fellowship, worship and growing in Christ together! I am so grateful to God to be part of this amazing team for His and His Son’s glory, and I greatly look forward to being part of the upcoming SFJ Conference at The Cove next weekend! – Caitlyn (staff member of Spanish Search for Jesus Team, En Busca de Jesús)

  2. Lupe Munoz says:

    I am so excited about coming and meeting the other volunteers and BGEA Staff. This will be my first year and bringing my mother who has been a missionary for 37 years, sharing this experience of a lifetime with her will forever be memorable for us both and especially us hearing Will Graham minister to us. We served a wonderful and awesome God for He plans everything so perfect and in the right timing.

  3. Patricia A. Russo says:

    Sounds like a wonderful few days of worship and getting to know other volunteers and staff at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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