Scotland Hopeful After Final Night of Will Graham Celebration

By   •   October 9, 2016

Will Graham with crowd
The final day of the North East Scotland Celebration of Hope marked the 10-year anniversary of Will Graham’s first evangelistic outreach in America (the Greater Gaston County Celebration Oct. 9-11, 2006, in North Carolina).
man praying
Support for the five-day Celebration was overwhelming. Many who live in the area said the Celebration was a big deal for small-town Peterhead, with one local paper ad calling it the largest unified Christian event in their town this lifetime.
Clapping as the Celebration band performs.
Group listening
Down to the little ones, each person was attentive to Will Graham's words.
man bowing had
Taking a moment to reflect on Will Graham's message. Sunday, he explained that getting into heaven is not about good deeds. It's about the Good News—that Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross.
man listening
The world is filled with bad news, Will said, but Sunday he focused on the best news ever heard, from one of the best known verses in the Bible, John 3:16. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
young woman in worship
People of all ages attended the five-day Celebration of Hope.
Band on stage
From Will Graham’s message to the praise bands and choir—the Celebration was all about Jesus Christ.
woman laughing
Because Peterhead is such a small town, many who made decisions for Christ were congratulated by a familiar face. This woman shares a laugh with a friend after praying with a counselor.
On Sunday, Mark Stevens led the crowd in worship then shared his powerful story of how God delivered him instantly from drug addiction.
older woman gazing
A member of the Celebration of Hope choir takes in the moment. God's work was on full display this week in Peterhead, Scotland.
Will Graham preaching
God isn’t an idea or a philosophy or a way of life, Will said, but a real Person who can be known: “God wants to be known. He wants you to know Him."
Will Graham shared stories about his family and his love for them—using that analogy to describe God's unfailing love for His children.
woman listening
No one is perfect, Will said Sunday. “Everyone you see in here is in the same boat,” he said, looking around the auditorium. “We’re all sinners.” That sin leads to guilt, shame, loneliness, lust and so one, he continued, but the good news is that Jesus can wipe the slate clean.
Will Graham with book
Those who walked forward each night of the Celebration received a copy of the book of Luke. "I want you to read a chapter a day," Will Graham told them.
After walking forward during the invitation to accept Christ, this young man talked with a counselor well after the event ended and cleanup began.
Praying for hearts to be touched as the invitation to accept Christ is given.
Will Graham with crowd
“Will Graham cannot save you, but I want to introduce you to the one who can,” Will said. “His name is Jesus and He changed my life, and He can change yours.”