Saturday’s El Paso Festival of Hope Gallery

By   •   April 6, 2014

Young girl singing
One young woman sang along to many of the worship songs.
Franklin Graham and Galo Vasquez share the Good News of Jesus Christ in both English and Spanish Saturday night.
Josh Chavez band
The Josh Chavez band kicked off the Festival with familiar worship songs. Josh also emceed the event.
Jose Chavez band
The Jose Chavez band got the event started and the audience excited about the Festival.
The sun beat down on event goers when they got there, but later, they huddled together as the night grew chilly.
Church group
Many attendees came as church groups, bringing friends to the festivities.
Looking at program
Looking over the evening's program.
The event drew all ages, from young kids to college students to grandparents.
Flame and V. Rose
Rapper Flame and V. Rose took the stage early on with lots of energy that old and new fans quickly picked up.
Flame in action onstage.
Flame got the audience involved. He asked everyone to grab an item and spin it around in the air. Young and old grabbed anything they had, event programs, sunglasses, sweatshirts or a lanyard.
Franklin Graham preaching
Franklin Graham, whose message was translated into Spanish by Galo Vasquez, talked about the prodigal son in the Bible and told the audience that, like the father in the Bible story, God is willing to forgive their sins and welcome them into His family.
Girl on dad's shoulders
A young girl sits on her father's shoulders.
Friends chatting
Event goers brought their friends and family to enjoy music and a message from Franklin Graham.
The crowd included dozens of youth who didn't hold back when the music moved them.
Spanish Christian rapper Funky had the audience dancing and waving their hands in the air.
Funky, who is bilingual, spoke to the largely Spanish-speaking audience, for the most part, in Spanish.
Mountains provided a beautiful backdrop to the Festival.
Dennis Agajanian and Gutierrez Brothers
Dennis Agajanian plays guitar with the Gutierrez Brothers, Arturo and Jose Luis Gutierrez.
Dennis Agajanian and Gutierrez Brothers
Dennis Agajanian and the Gutierrez Brothers were an audience favorite with their rousing guitar ensemble.
Two women clapping
Two women clapping along to Dennis Agajanian and the Gutierrez Brothers.
Little boy
A young boy in a Winnie the Pooh outfit got a little squirmy, but all the activity onstage quickly got his attention.
Buying food
The first 1,000 people attending received free pizza and drinks. Others bought food from vendors on site.
A police officer watches the stage from a road parallel to UTEP's "Glory Field," where the Festival took place.
Franklin onstage
Franklin Graham took the stage as it got dark outside, but He told the audience about One who can bring light into their lives.
Hundreds came forward to receive Jesus into their lives Saturday night.
Espanol sign
Many counselors were available to talk to people in Spanish.
Making life-changing decisions in El Paso.
Two young men
Two young men, a counselor and someone who came forward at the end, chatting in front of the stage.
A counselor prays for a young woman who came forward at the Greater El Paso Festival invitation.
Thousand Foot Krutch
Many people stayed until the end of the event to hear Canadian Christian rock band Thousand Foot Krutch.
Throughout the event, people used their mobile devices to take pictures, video and share the experience with their friends on social media.
Lead singer
Trevor McNevan, lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch.