Sapporo, Japan: Inside ‘Festival of Hope’ City

By   •   May 8, 2014

Sapporo city scape
The Hokkaido Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham will be held in Sapporo, Japan, May 9-11.
Couple on bridge
The people of Sapporo love to be outdoors. Sapporo is on the island of Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan.
Father and son
A father chases his son on his lunch break in Odori Park. Sapporo is a busy city, but many residents take time to rest, walk or bike in local parks.
Bride and groom
A couple celebrating their wedding in traditional Japanese fashion.
Shinto shrine
Less than 1 percent of the Japanese population is Christian. Here, a family ties prayers to a wall at a popular Shinto shrine.
A cashier takes payment for some flowers at Nakajima Park.
Woman and dog at market
More than 150 Hokkaido churches are participating in the Festival of Hope. They are praying for their fellow Japanese to begin a new life with Christ.
Young men
A group of young men laughing with each other near Nakajima Park in Sapporo.
Mother and son
A woman and her son take a break from walking to get a few pictures of the cherry blossoms in bloom.
Ski jump stadium
The Okurayama Ski Jump Stadium, used for the 1972 Winter Olympics.
Women at park
A group of women gather near a fountain in Odori Park.
Boy and pigeons
A boy has a close encounter with a group of pigeons.

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  1. Joyce Paul says:

    LOVE in HIS Heart for the sinner let HIM to suffer and die. GLORY TO HIS NAME!
    God Bless Franklin Graham!

  2. Debbie Fox says:

    Very special pictures. Will be praying. Curious about the pictures with the people wearing masks. Illnesses to deal with as well? Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jennifer West says:

    I am overwhelmed with JOY and excitement for what the Lord God is going to do for the people He loves. I am so happy u all are there so they can meet/receive Jesus Christ who is my Savior and Lord I am praying and so thankful. I am Hawaiian and Japanese and American. I may never touch Japan’s soil but I have received a great blessing thru this Ministry so I can be a part of the body thru these wonderful pictures and videos. Thank u Sooooooo much..praying in Jesus name for u all. I am so glad that u are hands and feet for God!

  4. Larry Williams says:

    Prayers are being sent daily

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