Rhode Islanders Celebrate Jesus at Waterfront Church Service

By Ron Nickel, TJ Petrino and Paul Sherar   •   May 27, 2019

People poured through the gates at Bold Point Park on Sunday in East Providence, Rhode Island, to attend the fifth stop of the Decision America Northeast Tour with Franklin Graham. An estimated 4,000 people showed up, bringing the total attendance for the first five stops to 21,500.
Franklin Graham's message drew from 2 Kings 21 which describes a young king who turned to idols instead of the Lord. “Have you turned your back on God? Have you been shaking your fist in His face?” he asked.
People crammed into the park to worship with Dennis Agajanian and then David Crowder before hearing a message of God’s love.
Providence is defined by Merriam Webster as divine guidance or care. On Sunday, many people celebrated Jesus' love, while others encountered Him for the first time.
A little pre-set huddle before David Crowder and his band took the stage. The soulful group glorified the Lord with a wide range of songs relying on different instruments.
Gates opened at 4 p.m. for the evangelical event and people continually streamed in, even up until the moment Franklin Graham took the stage nearly four hours later.
The Bible verse Ephesians 2:8 declares, “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God."
“I’m so glad we’re having church together here on a Sunday night,” David Crowder told the crowd between songs.
The selfless work of volunteers makes these Decision America stops possible.
Picturesque Bold Point Park, located on the East Providence waterfront, offers a gorgeous glimpse of the area. From the venue, you can see the Upper Narragansett Bay, the Seekonk River and the Providence skyline.
East Providence is only an hour or so south of Boston, Massachusetts, home of the Boston Red Sox.
After he finished playing, David Crowder introduced Franklin Graham. He told the nearly shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, “It’s incredible the story of God that has been birthed on this planet and people who have come from death to life because of whatever has been placed on this [Graham] family, this lineage."
“This is the most important decision of your life,” Franklin Graham shared from the stage as many people stood to their feet and raised their hands to make public declarations for Jesus Christ. “Remember, I told you God loves you. He does, and He will forgive you tonight. But you’ve got to come to Him through Christ. Will you receive Christ tonight?”
The sun slipped into the horizon as Franklin Graham prayed with folks who made decisions for Jesus Christ on Sunday.
After the time of prayer, volunteers spent time talking with folks who raised their hands about their decision and next steps. All are encouraged to join a local church as they grow in their faith.
Praise God for so many lives touched during the first five stops of the tour. The Decision America Northeast Tour concludes Thursday in Syracuse, New York.