Prosperous City Finds Purpose at Monterrey Festival with Franklin Graham

By   •   October 7, 2018

The Festival de Esperanza, or the Festival of Hope, kicked off in Monterrey, Mexico, on Oct. 6. Filled with vibrant worship, the evening reflected hungry souls in a prospering city. As Franklin Graham shared the Good News, Galo Vasquez, the Festival director, translated his message from English to Spanish.
While some go to the Arena Monterrey to cheer on their favorite soccer team or sing along to the newest hit, hundreds lined up to attend the Festival in hopes of something more than just a few hours of entertainment.
As the third largest city in Mexico, Monterrey is booming economically. However, local pastors have been praying over this city for months, realizing its spiritual needs and troubles with drugs and violence.
From jumping up and down eagerly to quietly lifting up their hands before the Lord, this crowd of all ages unashamedly expressed their love for Him.
Some weren't able to enter the crowded facility and, instead, stood by the entrances. Palms pressed against the glass, they sought a way to get a glimpse at what God was doing inside. They were encouraged to come back Sunday for the second day of the Festival.
Numerous people dropped to their knees while others raised their voices in praise to God as a Hispanic Christian group called the Barak Band performed.
“Vamos ahora” means “Let’s do it now.” Those are the words from Pastor David Ruiz, who spoke Friday night during a prayer service ahead of the Festival. He encouraged Christians to go out and preach the Gospel to people who are desperate for something. That something is Jesus Christ.
Tears flowed as each person in the arena heard about God's love for them.
More than 10,000 came out for a fun Saturday morning at the FestiKids event, where children, youth and parents gathered to hear the Gospel.
"Man is searching for purpose and meaning to life," Franklin Graham said. Nodding in agreement, the audience heard about something much more valuable than a fun, short-term experience. They learned about everlasting life.
Saturday evening began with folklore Mexican music and choreographed dancing in traditional dress.
Franklin Graham said he and thousands of others have been praying over this Festival for months. “With so many people praying and working on this, God’s going to do something,” he said.
Sharing a warm embrace following the altar call.
Dancing with arms outstretched wide, the crowd couldn't seem to get enough worship led by the Barak Band.
Joyous expressions became somber as Franklin Graham shared the story of the Prodigal Son found in Luke 15:11-32. Many recognized that they, too, could be welcomed home by their heavenly Father no matter what they've done wrong.
In a city of 4.5 million, Franklin Graham mentioned a few days prior to the Festival that even if thousands came, it would only be a raindrop in this massive industrial city. But "if one person is saved, it's worth it," he said, adding that you can never know what God may do through the lives of those saved.
As the Marco Barrentos Band poured out their hearts on stage, the Holy Spirit's presence was evident around the room as the audience continued to praise the Lord.
After a Saturday morning full of music and skits at FestiKids, over 1,000 people chose to receive Christ.
A beautiful array of voices cried to God: "Siempre," meaning their praise would "ever be" for Him.
As Franklin Graham invited the audience to choose Jesus as their Savior, rows quickly emptied and aisles filled. Several bystanders rushed to push back chairs, making more room for people to stand on the diminishing floor space. "There's always more room," Franklin Graham said. Over 700 came forward to make a decision for Christ.
"Cristo vive!" or "Jesus lives!" some exclaimed outside the arena after the evening events ended. Please be in prayer for all who made decisions for Christ at the Festival de Esperanza.