Pray for Bangkok: Evangelistic Event Underway in Thailand

By Ron Nickel and TJ Petrino   •   January 16, 2019

Franklin Graham press conference
Franklin Graham has arrived in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok to spread the Gospel, just one month after his son Will Graham preached in the southernmost part of the country.
Amazing Love Festival
In preparation for the two-day Amazing Love Festival with Franklin Graham, thousands of believers across denominations and regions unified for the evangelistic event.
Bangkok, Thailand
Though Thailand remains a mostly Buddhist nation, thousands responded to the Good News when Will Graham preached in Phuket and Surat Thani last year. Join in praying that God will move once again, as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) brings the Gospel message to Bangkok.
The Amazing Love Festival has been years in the making. Banners like this promoting the outreach are just one way Festival organizers are getting the word out.
Franklin Graham Thai newspaper
In addition to media coverage, local believers have spread the word about the Festival through Operation Andrew—a discipleship tool which encourages believers to build relationships with others and invite them to the evangelistic event.
Dennis and Danny Agajanian
Dennis Agajanian and his brother, Danny Agajanian, helped promote the Festival by singing at a coffee shop in the red light district of Bangkok and inviting passersby.
Bangkok, Thailand
Revival isn’t waiting for the Festival to start. While preparing for Franklin Graham’s visit, Thai believers have reached out to their non-believing friends—and many have already made the decision to follow Christ.
Please pray that those who have been invited to the Festival will attend and not be discouraged by the enemy.
Every BGEA Festival and Celebration is made possible with the help of local churches, volunteers and community leaders enthusiastic about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ in their city. Nearly 600 churches are participating in the Bangkok Amazing Love Festival.
Franklin Graham receives plate
Local leaders presented Franklin Graham with a commemorative plate on Friday. On his Instagram page Franklin Graham said, “Thank you to each one who has worked so hard and prayed in preparation.”
Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand with more than 8 million residents—a great opportunity to add souls to the kingdom of God.
The Amazing Love Festival is BGEA's first of many events in 2019. >>Read more about this year's ambitious schedule.
There are more than 400 wats (the Thai word for temple) in Bangkok. Smaller Buddhist shrines and other places for offerings can also be found throughout the city. Join BGEA in praying that hearts will be open to hear Franklin Graham's message about the One, true living God.
Also pray that this weekend's Festival will help start a revival in Bangkok that spreads across Thailand.
From church unity to decisions already being made to accept Christ—God's work has been evident leading up to the Amazing Love Festival. Be sure to check and the BGEA Facebook page throughout the weekend for stories, photos and updates.