Praising God for a Great Response in Mexico

By Tommy Berry   •   April 1, 2017

Man holding baby
Prayers were answered at the Celebration of Hope with Will Graham in Pachuca, Mexico, March 31-April 2, as hundreds found a new beginning in Christ. This event marked the evangelist's first ever Celebration in Latin America.
Evangelist Will Graham
Will Graham told Pachuca, "Some of you, everything looks good on the outside but inside it's a mess. You're looking for a change. Christ can change your life tonight."
Man in crowd with arms raised in worship to God
Some 300 churches came together to partner with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for the Celebration of Hope. Many worked tirelessly planning and praying for the past eight months.
Christian band performing under lights
Christian artists prepared hearts before Will Graham shared the hope of Christ.
Counselor prays with older woman holding Celebration materials
Pachuca is plagued by poverty and many feel a sense of hopelessness.
Dancers in brightly colored dresses
Festive dancers brought the light of Christ to a dark city. Like many cities in Mexico, Pachuca has economic struggles and is affected by the corruption of drug cartels.
Little girl talking with counselor
Many families came to the Celebration. A counselor listens to this young girl after the invitation is given.
During the 3-day Celebration, hundreds of people came forward at Will Graham's invitation to receive Christ.
Woman with hands folded, praying
“There’s uncertainty in almost every realm of the Mexican society,” explained Galo Vasquez, director of Latin American Ministries at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. “As the days go by, they have a stronger disappointment.”
Young boy holding a younger boy who has hands together
"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." —Proverbs 22:6
The band NEON on stage
The love of God is "incomparable."
Counselor with smiling couple
Counselors couldn't have been happier to tell others about Jesus.
Will Graham praying
Will Graham told reporters in Pachuca, Mexico, on Thursday: "Lives will forever be changed in this park. I want to introduce people to Jesus. He will change lives."
Young girl smiling up at older woman. Also counselor, little boy
The joy of Christ was apparent on many faces after Will Graham invited people to receive Jesus as their Savior.
Dancers in brightly colored dresses
Dancing and praising Christ for all He's done for His children.
Little boy holding Celebration materials and looking up to adult
Thank you for praying. God moved powerfully and hearts were changed at the Celebration of Hope .