PHOTOS: So Much to Praise God for After 3-Day San Juan Festival

By   •   February 12, 2017

Woman in hat. singing
The three-day Festival de Esperanza (Festival of Hope) with Franklin Graham drew nearly 33,000 people to Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Many baseball games have been won in the stadium, but over the weekend, locals were celebrating something even greater: lives being won for Christ.
View of the crowd from behind podium
Franklin Graham's trip to San Juan marked his first Festival of the year. Galo Vasquez, director of Latin American Festivals for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, interpreted his message into Spanish.
Two young men standing, clapping
"We wouldn't be here tonight if it weren't for the churches," Franklin Graham said, thanking those who put so much hard work into the Festival. Over 1,300 churches came together to help organize, promote and put on the event, a huge undertaking for the small island of Puerto Rico.
Miel San Marcos onstage, right hand raised
The Miel San Marcos band brought incredible energy to the last night of the Festival. Dozens of people crowded around the stage, fist pumping the air and jumping in place to the worship music.
woman in pink shirt and sunglasses singing, arm outstretched
A large choir to the left of the stage led Sunday's crowd of over 8,600 in worship.
Franklin Graham on a large screen in front of seated audience
Franklin Graham focused the audience's attention on the Bible's account of Bartimaeus, a blind man who received his sight from Jesus Christ. Over 14,000 people representing 49 countries watched the Festival online between Friday and Sunday.
Man hugging another man and little girl
A sweet moment after one man came forward at Franklin Graham's invitation. His little girl also got a booklet to learn more about Jesus.
Man at piano with orchestra behind him
Adlan Cruz (on the piano) and an orchestra brought cheers from the audience each night of the Festival of Hope.
Three women hugging, one wiping away tears
A tearful moment after Franklin Graham's message from the Bible.
Man in clown suit, clapping
The Festival of Hope definitely didn't lack color. A group of animated clowns grabbed children's attention all three nights.
Man praying over younger man
The game of dominoes is popular in Puerto Rico, and now those who came forward can have a domino effect on others around them as they share what Jesus has done for them.
"Regardless of our earthly possessions, we are all poor without God," Franklin Graham said.
Miel San Marcos singing onstage
Miel San Marcos ended the night with a celebration for everyone in the crowd. "The Lord's joy is our strength," said lead vocalist Josh Morales.
Boy looking at booklet with an older boy
Intrigued by a children's booklet about Jesus.
A happy crowd.
Man with counselor's lanyard worshiping with eyes closed
Some who served as counselors at the Festival said they were encouraged to see so many believers coming together to worship and share the Gospel, something they hope to keep up now that the Festival is over.
Woman walking forward with man carrying boy
Seeing individuals and families respond to God's call never gets old.
Crowd of counselors talking to people who came forward
Over 1,300 people made a decision for Jesus Christ over the three-day Festival—with more than 300 of those indicating that decision online during the live web stream.
Man in black dress shirt, on knees in front of stage with Bible in right hand
The Festival was almost over when this man dropped to his knees in worship. The event may have ended, but there's still so much to celebrate as local churches come alongside new believers and guide them in their faith. We truly serve a great God who allowed the Festival to happen and who loves Puerto Rico beyond words.

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  1. Irving Aguayo says:

    It is my personal point of view, that Dr. Franklin Graham brought to the island of Puerto Rico a message of hope and salvation at the proper time that the message was needed for the island, where a lot of people lives conditions of desperation and restlessness away from the love of God.

    Hundreds of souls answered to the call of faith of Dr. Graham and accept our God as his only and real personal savior of their lives, a change that may take them to obedience to God and to behave themselves as true sons of God.

    I hope that we can have Dr. Graham with us once again and for ever in Puerto Rico and to have his prayers and blessings for the peace and well-being of the people of Puerto Rico and to they to be remained faithful to our God.

  2. Lee says:

    God Bless BGEA and all you do!

  3. Carmen Galarza says:

    Praise the Lord for the Festival of Hope celebrated in P.R. Thank you Jesus for using Rev. Graham and so many others as your instruments. Thank you Lord for all the people saved during the Festival of Hope.

  4. Wanda Quinones says:

    God is good! It was a moment of joy as I saw all Christians coming together to bless others so that they could know God!
    God bless Franklin Graham!

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