PHOTOS: Monumental Event Puts God’s Love on Display in Vietnam

By Ron Nickel and Cicely Corry   •   December 9, 2017

The Love Hanoi Festival with Franklin Graham brought together people from all walks of life. For some, it was likely their first time hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ.
“Jesus is not dead. He’s alive and He’s in Hanoi right now!” Franklin Graham said. The crowd applauded and cheered in agreement that God is moving in their city.
Before starting his message, Franklin Graham asked the crowd to pray out loud for their government leaders and those in authority.
For months leading up to the Love Hanoi Festival, both official churches and house churches of various denominations in the city have worked and worshiped together for the first time.
In Hanoi’s Old Quarter are endless streets of vendors selling silk scarves, pottery, jackets and herbs. And throughout Hanoi are countless opportunities for coffee and fruit juice, or fresh pho and bánh mì—some cooked in pots on the sidewalk.
Local volunteers have been training extensively ahead of the event so they can help each person who makes a decision for Christ start his or her new faith walk and get connected with a church.
Franklin Graham called it a privilege to meet with many government officials in Vietnam, including Nguyen Duc Chung, the mayor and chairman of The Hanoi People’s Committee; His Excellency Pham Bình Minh, who serves as the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister; and Vũ Chiến Thắng, chairman of the Government Committee of Religious Affairs.
Many listened intently as Franklin Graham preached. “If you’re willing to call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, He’ll save you,” he told the crowd.
An extensive skit on the Protestant Reformation played out in front of the stage as dancers shared history of how the Bible was gradually distributed to the public and spread to Vietnam.
The Tommy Coomes Band also took the stage, singing in both English and Vietnamese.
“Maybe you’re wondering if God really loves you … oh yes, He sure does,” Franklin assured the crowd.
It was an emotional night for some.
Those who responded to Friday night’s Gospel invitation were given a booklet that explained how to have a deeper relationship with Jesus.
One counselor named Hà talked to a young woman who came forward to give her life to Jesus. Hà said witnessing something like that touches her heart. She called those who came forward “brave” and said she hopes they will share this moment in their lives with others.
Listening to the message of God's love.
Franklin's message on the value of a soul touched many.