PHOTOS: Decision America Tennessee Tour in Chattanooga

By Tommy Berry and Earl Davidson   •   May 16, 2017

After holding prayer rallies in every state capital last year, Franklin Graham kicked off the Decision America Tennessee Tour on Monday in Chattanooga—one of four stops he’s making across the state. Locals in each city have volunteered to help with the event.
Some 6,200 people gathered at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga for the first stop of the Decision America Tennessee Tour, which featured The Afters and a Gospel message from Franklin Graham.
Franklin Graham preaching
It's always a good time to share Good News, and Franklin Graham isn't one to waste that opportunity.
Franklin’s brief message of hope struck a cord with the crowd. Referring to the story of Bartimaeus who called out to Jesus, he said now is the time to “cry out to God” for mercy and forgiveness.
Dennis Agajanian on stage
Before the event started, Dennis Agajanian gave the crowd a pre-show of sorts—singing favorite hymns like “How Great Thou Art.”
Monday’s tour stop brought together people from all walks of life. A man named Lance, who recently moved to Chattanooga, was moved to tears even before the event started. He came to Christ when his own life was dwindling away. A frail 110 pounds, doctors had only given him a small amount of time to live. Today, he stands healthy, strong and eager to share God’s Word with whoever will listen. “When you have Jesus, you have such a peace. You can’t explain it. You just have to experience it.”
Just as blind Bartimaeus asked Jesus to restore his sight, we must look to Christ for guidance. “If you’re a person who thinks they can live life without knowing God’s plan, you may be about to crash,” Franklin Graham said.
Crowd on bridge
Coolidge Park could be one of the most unique venues of the Tennessee Tour. A walking bridge above the Tennessee River hovers over the scenic park. Passersby stopped and peered over the railing to hear the message of hope.
man wearing "you fight my battles" shirt
"The LORD your God who goes before you will himself fight for you ..." —Deuteronomy 1:30 (ESV)
The Afters
The Afters got the crowd singing and dancing with their upbeat music, all pointing to Christ.
“Is your private life all messed up?” Franklin Graham asked the crowd. He urged both Christians and non-believers alike to take a hard look at their lives and repent for what doesn’t align with God’s Word. “The things you’ve said and done and you realize it’s not right … God will forgive your sins, and He’ll heal your heart.”
baby boy smiling
This little guy had a great time taking in the sights and (slightly muffled) sounds.
woman praising God
“Say yes to God,” Franklin Graham said.
crowd praying
The Decision America Tennessee Tour will stop in Clarksville next, followed by Jackson and Memphis. The goal of each event is to share the Good News of Christ and pray for revival. “We want to give people a fighting chance between heaven and hell,” Franklin Graham said.
man gives thumbs up
Please continue to pray for the Decision America Tennessee Tour. Want to get involved? Learn more at