Photos: Final Day of Tokyo Celebration

By   •   November 22, 2015

A 1,500-member choir at Sunday's Greater Tokyo Celebration of Love made it clear—gospel music is quite popular in Japan.
More than 1,400 came forward over the weekend to make decisions for Christ, with Sunday the largest of the 4-event weekend.
The choir gave a powerful performance as this man conducted from the floor of the arena.
Franklin spoke Sunday about the importance of knowing your soul is secure in the hands of God. Those who came forward didn’t waste time making sure where they stand with Him.  
Leading a prayer during the invitation time on Sunday night. Of those who made decisions for Christ this weekend, 41 percent were under 18.
The New Wings Gospel band took the worship to new heights.
Discipleship materials were at the ready for anyone professing faith in Jesus Christ.
The Tommy Coomes Band prepared hearts for the Gospel message and sang "Come Just As You Are" in Japanese.
Dennis Agajanian played an acoustic set that brought one of the biggest cheers of the night.
Explaining what it means to follow Christ in your life.
Every member of the choir wore an official Celebration of Love shirt to create massive visual appearance, taking up three levels behind the stage.
“You may wonder, ‘Does God really love me that much?’ Yes, He does,” Franklin said.
Counselors make sure Steps to Peace with God are fully understood. “I would like to thank all the pastors and churches that have come and worked together (for the Celebration),” Franklin said Sunday.
Sharing a joyful moment at the end of the three-day Tokyo Celebration of Love.
Many came forward with family members, responding to Franklin Graham's invitation.
"I'm not sure if I'll ever see you again, but we will have eternity together in heaven," Franklin Graham said. "It might take eternity for you to teach me how to speak Japanese."