Over the Decades: Franklin Graham Celebrates 70 Years of Life

By   •   July 12, 2022

Franklin Graham as a child
1950s: On July 14, 1952, William Franklin Graham III was born in North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. At that time, his father Billy Graham’s international ministry was growing—and the evangelist founded the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) just two years before welcoming his eldest son into the world.
teenage Franklin Graham
1960s: From a young age, Franklin Graham’s personality proved to be rebellious, as he talks about in his book Rebel With a Cause.
Franklin Graham wedding
1970s: At age 22, Franklin Graham committed his life to Jesus Christ in a hotel room in Jerusalem. That same year he married Jane Austin. The couple has four children—Will, Roy, Edward and Cissie—and 12 grandchildren.
Franklin Graham's ordination
1980s: On January 10, 1982, Franklin Graham was ordained before 3,000 people at Grace Community Church in Tempe, Arizona. The 29-year-old outlined his life’s mission before the overflow crowd: “As an ordained minister, I will proclaim the name of Jesus Christ throughout the world wherever I go in connection with my work. My whole purpose in my ministry is to tell others about Jesus Christ through the avenues which He gives to us.” Read more about this meaningful service.
Will Graham, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham praying
1990s: In his late 30s, Franklin Graham started hosting his own evangelistic events. Billy Graham first heard his son preach live at this April 1994 Festival in Charleston, West Virginia. Watch what Billy Graham had to say about his son’s preaching.
Franklin Graham preaching in Taipei, Taiwan
2000s: From Nicaragua to South Africa to Tasmania, Franklin Graham shared the Gospel with people of various religious and cultural backgrounds throughout the 2000s. He has since proclaimed the Good News at more than 275 evangelistic events in over 50 countries—including this 2008 event in Taipei, Taiwan.
Franklin Graham Decision America Tour
2010s: In 2016, Franklin Graham traveled to all 50 U.S. capitals to hold prayer rallies. During these one-day events, he challenged Christians to pray and to engage in local civic opportunities. This fall, Graham is holding similar events in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and more. See the dates and locations of the U.S. God Loves You Tour.
Franklin Graham shaking hands with veteran
2020s: Entering his 70th year of life, Franklin Graham has been ministering to veterans and law enforcement officers during retreats in Alaska this summer. He plans to share the Gospel in England, Mongolia, Italy and New Zealand in the remaining months of 2022. In honor of Franklin Graham’s birthday, would you pray for God to speak through him at these evangelistic events?