National Prayer Committee and Denominational Prayer Leaders Network Visit Charlotte

By   •   January 31, 2014

Ruth Graham Library room NPC
The National Prayer Committee (NPC) and the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network (DPLN) met for their annual meetings at the Billy Graham Library and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) headquarters on Jan. 27-31. Here, they're exploring a room at the Library that's dedicated to Ruth Bell Graham.
Library NPC
Jennifer Kennedy and other prayer leaders check out an exhibit at the Billy Graham Library on Jan. 30 in Charlotte, N.C.
BG Library
Visitors explore memorabilia from Billy Graham's ministry and world travels.
Will Graham talks with members of the NPC and DPLN inside the Billy Graham headquarters.
The National Prayer Committee is heavily involved in the National Day of Prayer, held the first Thurs. of May.
Jeff Eckart
Jeff Eckart (left) talks with other NPC and DPLN visitors at BGEA headquarters.
Will Graham BGEA
Will Graham addresses the NPC and DPLN at the BGEA headquarters. "May our answered prayers help turn people back to God," he said.
Will Graham
Will Graham shares that his grandfather, Billy Graham, has just two regrets: not praying more and not knowing the Scriptures as well as his beloved wife, Ruth.
Prayer leaders joined together to pray for Will Graham's upcoming Crusade events in the U.S. and around the world.
praying for Will
Praying for Will Graham before he preaches at his first Crusade event of the year
Visitors touring the Billy Graham Library watch the story of how Billy and Ruth Graham met.
Members of the NPC check out cases of memorabilia at the Billy Graham Library, including several handwritten notes from various presidents.
Photos of Billy Graham with every president from Truman to Obama
NPC and DPLN in BG Library
The members of the NPC and DPLN inside the Billy Graham Library on Jan. 30, 2014

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  1. Nanci Smith says:

    What a wonderful event and such beautiful, touching photos. Thank you.

  2. Joan Courtney says:

    A great NPC meeting and an unforgettable viewing of the BGEA history at the Billy Graham Library. It was my second time and I can’t wait to go back.

  3. Gracie Malone says:

    What a blessing and encouragement for us to know the direction of BGEA right now. We stand with you. Please send ministry updates.

  4. Kathy Branzell says:

    It was an amazing honor to come and pray at the beautiful Billy Graham Library and BGEA Headquarters! Every employee treated us as if they were gracious hosts welcoming us into their home. The Spirit’s presence is obvious from the moment you arrive, feels like you have pulled your prayer chair a little closer to the throne of God for a moment. Thank you for allowing us to come meet and pray with you – we were deeply blessed!

  5. George Agatha Giesbrecht. says:

    I love the billy Graham’s ministry.

  6. Dawn Koza says:

    Very nice!!

  7. Margareta Cronholm says:

    Thank you. What beautiful colours in Ruth Bell Grahams room. And I like the inscription in germany above the fire-place. All nations should have a prayer day. Will, my prayer in Jesus Name for your tour -14.The Lord watch over you.

  8. Maggi Mullennix says:

    A wonderful inspiring story in pictures

  9. isaac enyioma says:

    Blessed,i will like to join this great movement.

  10. florence says:

    It is amazing to know that he regrets not being able to pray and remember scriptures. How many of us are young and strong yet do not even read our bibles, leave alone pray.May god help our generation to emulate papa Billy.

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