My Hope: University of Southern Maine

By   •   November 19, 2014

Students at the University of Southern Maine watch the My Hope film "Heaven" on Tuesday night in the Portland suburb of Gorham.
My Hope in Maine
Students have been praying for this night since early August.
Chatting after watching the My Hope video "Heaven."
USM students
Sharing a laugh with students at the University of Southern Maine.
Students worship
During the closing worship time, an invitation for students to receive Christ was given at the University of Southern Maine.
'Heaven' film
Billy Graham's new message on heaven is featured in the latest My Hope installment. Last year, "Defining Moments" and "Lose to Gain" preceded the video, "The Cross," which featured new footage from Mr. Graham filmed at his North Carolina home.
Young woman watching 'Heaven' film
Watching "Heaven," a 30-minute film that asks the question -- are you prepared to die?
students talking
Reading his Bible afterward, one student engages another in conversation.
student talking with leader
Rus Willette, who leads the Navigators at the University of Southern Maine, talks with one of the students after the film "Heaven" was shown.
USM sign
The University of Southern Maine is located in Portland and has about 9,000 students enrolled. The Gorham Campus, about 10 miles east of the city, houses residence halls.
Students share a few moments after what turned out to be an emotional night for some.
'Heaven' film
"Heaven" weaves two real-life stories together around a Gospel presentation from Billy Graham.
Watching 'Heaven'
Hanging on every word as "Heaven" plays in the Riley lecture hall at the University of Southern Maine's Gorham campus.
students praying
An emotional student asked for prayer after the meeting finished. "It definitely hit home with the real-life stories," she said. "I think it speaks to all ages."
Heaven film
Students at the University of Southern Maine were "impressed with the quality" of "Heaven," the latest My Hope video from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association used by churches and parachurch ministries throughout the U.S. and Canada.