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By   •   November 27, 2013

Charlotte, N.C., couple Richard and Deborah Rosser hosted a My Hope gathering outside in a tent, reminiscent of Billy Graham’s early years of preaching. An 8-year-old boy prayed to receive Christ, and an older man rededicated his life to Jesus.
A number of prisons around the United States showed the My Hope programs, including High Point Detention Center in North Carolina, where 296 prisoners watched the videos over the course of three nights. In all, 31 prisoners in High Point made first-time decisions for Christ, and 47 rededicated their lives to Jesus.
Believers from more than 28,000 churches in North America registered to participate in My Hope by opening up their homes to friends, family and neighbors who didn’t previously have relationships with Jesus.
After showing a My Hope video, believers hosting friends and family were encouraged to share their personal testimonies in three minutes or less.
Each night, as “The Cross” aired on various television stations across North America, 40 response centers were open, with volunteers from BGEA, Focus on the Family, Liberty University and the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board taking calls from viewers. Many callers made decisions for Christ, including a 12-year old boy named Jaden from Marion, Ohio. Jaden’s father is serving a 21-year prison sentence. Jaden made a decision for Christ after watching “The Cross” on TV and calling into BGEA.
While many believers held My Hope gatherings at their homes, others held events at churches, community centers and on college campuses.
About 70 people attended the regular Friday night service at The Rock Church in Provo, Utah, and among the handful of new visitors, two people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as Savior after watching “The Cross.”
My Hope places a strong emphasis on follow-up. New believers are encouraged to attend church or begin Bible studies with the people who invited them to watch the My Hope programs. When people accept Christ over the phone, BGEA sends them materials in the mail to help in their new walk with God.
At a My Hope gathering at a home in Lansing, Mich., six people prayed the prayer of repentance together after watching “The Cross.”
Hundreds of guests gathered together at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N.C., to honor Billy Graham on the night of his 95th birthday.
Billy Graham thanked birthday guests and longtime friends and supporters at his birthday party, where his message, “The Cross” was shown. The video features the powerful testimonies of rapper Lecrae and singer Lacey Sturm, who both attended the birthday party in Asheville.
Darilyn Dierickx hosted 10 friends and family members Friday night for a meal and viewing of "The Cross” at her Hemet, Calif., home.
Darilyn was especially praying for one friend in particular, who ended up praying the prayer of salvation with Billy Graham and eagerly taking the My Hope discipleship materials.
Former pro skateboarder Brian Sumner, featured in the My Hope video "Lose to Gain," was also the "Matthew" host at Soul Ride Skatepark in Concord, N.C., where more than a dozen skateboarders responded to Sumner's invitation to follow Christ.
Felicitas Aranda hosted 50 people at her San Diego, Calif., home to watch "Momentos Decisivos," the Spanish version of the "Defining Moments" video.
Two people responded to invitations to receive Christ at Felicitas’ gathering, including one rededication. Felicitas, who is part of the Hispanic congregation at Shadow Mountain Community Church, said numerous other people told her afterward that they were stirred to consider the Lord in a much deeper way than ever before.
Eboni Jackson, a 14-year-old from Albany, Ga., went on a mission to share the My Hope message with her community.
Will Graham, vice president of the BGEA and grandson of Billy Graham, preached at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., wrapping up a weekend of My Hope events. Known for its faith-based movies, Sherwood was one of the biggest supporters of My Hope, spending a good chunk of the year training members to be “Matthew” hosts and share their faith through relationship evangelism. The church saw 76 salvations as a result.

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  1. Mona Bowers says:

    I watch you every Sat night it is your classics and Praise God for them I always have so much more content
    and peace in my heart you are loved and needed God has a place for you in heaven

  2. Daniel Ford says:

    Dr. Graham I and my family are so thankful that God has chosen to have you with us and bring the message of Hope to our lukewarm world. God Bless You

  3. Pamela says:

    I just want to thank the Lord for saving me from Cancer. I went into surgery on 10/22 and after surgery it was a struggle from day one. The Lord helped me through each and every struggle I had to go through. I still have to go through 8 weeks of Radiation treatments to make sure it does not come back again. He will be with me then to. He is my strength and my salvation. He makes me want to go on living in this sinful world. I Love you Jesus. Thanks to him in the new year I will be cancer free

  4. Emma Gonzales says:

    Dear Mr. Graham I just want to say thank you for bring hope to America again. I have been married to my husband for 28 years. I my hope is that he will accept Christ as his Savior. I had to let go and let God do His work in my husband. One day I know he will love God more then anything in this world. Thank you Jesus for Billy Graham. One day I hope to to see you Mr. Graham at The Cove. God bless you always.

  5. Aaron says:

    Billy Graham is a true man of God!! I watch all of his classics on tv. He speaks the truth and spreads the gospel as Jesus commanded to all of his followers. Billy Graham is a true legend and will always be remembered after he is gone. God Bless you Billy! in Christ

  6. Kathryn Wardell says:

    Please pray for my husband to open his heart to Jesus and to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We have been married 18 years and he is a wonderful man, husband, and father. I would love to be able to share my experiences of my deepening faith in Jesus with him so we can grow together in Christ, and share that with our 12-year old daughter. She is God’s blessing to us! Thank you and God Bless.

  7. Brenda Krueger says:

    The special about My Hope for America touched me deeply. I believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for us. I am having problems with getting my sister and her family to realize it. All I get is closed ears to it and they feel they can tell me the way my family and I should live our lives is wrong. My husband and I have 5 children and Jesus Christ is involved in our lives everyday and my children are learning about the Bible. What kind I do to help my sister and others to listen and followed the Lord?

    1. Lowell says:

      Mrs. Krueger, I know how hard it is too want family to see what you see. I think the best thing you can do is just love them, pray for them, and live your life for Christ. If their hearts and minds are closed to Him, no amount of talk is going to change it. Willing or not, they are watching you, and yours and how you live out your faith. That is a more powerful testimony than mere words. If they are to come to Christ it is already a done deal, so no pressure on you to make it happen. He has predetermined the hour and the minute. Be Blessed. Live. Love. Pray.

  8. Reinhard Lukat says:

    Praise the Lord! Great initiative and tremendous response!

    Please bear in mind that the FULL GOSPEL involves three aspects:


    2. HEALING


    The points 2 and 3 can be exchanged depending on the cause of sickness.

  9. Barbara Wood says:

    After watching The Cross, my husband Charley, for whom I’ve been praying since I got saved 15 years ago, prayed the prayer of salvation with Billy Graham. However, he said he didn’t “feel anything”. So he is researching various websites (some of them pretty worrisome) about the history of Christianity to try and find proof. Please pray for him to find the one true God at the end of this search. Thank you.

  10. Robin says:

    I am 35 years old. I have 2 beautiful children. A girl and a boy. I have been married to my awesome husband for almost 18 years. I just found this site and am so glad I did! I love the videos and daily devotions. I am a Christian but I have definitely fallen short. My mother is in heaven. God took her home when I was 19 and she loved to watch billy graham. I will never forget being a little girl and hearing him on tv. He amazes me! And I know that it is God that speaks through him

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