Kaua`i Celebration with Will Graham Photos: Day Three

By   •   May 6, 2019

Many came to Christ during the three-day Celebration with Will Graham. Now, churches are doing the follow-up work—connecting with new believers to ensure they feel a sense of community as they begin their new faith walk.
Franklin and Will Graham
The Kaua`i Celebration started Friday, May 3, with a special moment. Franklin Graham joined Will Graham on the Hawaiian island—marking the first time the father and son shared the pulpit to share the Gospel at a Celebration.
Kaua`i Celebration
By the time the Celebration wrapped up, thousands attended and watched online, with hundreds deciding to follow Jesus as a result.
Kendra Graham joined her husband in Hawaii. She spent some time encouraging women on the island during a Ladies Evening Out at a local church. Kendra has an online Bible study you can check out here.
Kaua`i, Hawaii
It’s been said that Kaua`i is about as close as you can get to heaven on earth. For some, though, it’s not paradise at all. The high cost of living for locals means multiple families living together or holding down two or three jobs to make ends meet.
Tedashii encouraged students up front on the last night of the Celebration: "Because you're made in God's image—that gives you purpose. That gives you significance."
Dancing to the praise music.
In April 2018, torrential rains flooded Kaua`i’s famous North Shore. In just 24 hours, the island was doused with about 50 inches of rain, devastating many homes. Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplains deployed to this community for several months to offer emotional and spiritual care.
Sunday, Will Graham's message focused on how we're all broken, but told Kaua`i, "God is after you. He's trying to chase you down and love you and hug you. He loves you more than anyone else in this world."
The Afters commented on how fired up the crowd was to praise God.
"We give thanks to you, O God; we give thanks, for your name is near. We recount your wondrous deeds." —Psalm 75:1
The Vidinha Stadium in Lihue, Kaua`i, gave kids plenty of room to roam, run and chase bubbles.
"God’s grace can turn nothing into something," said Christian artist Cass.
The sun was strong Sunday, but this couple came prepared with straw hats.
Aaron Shust strummed and sang "How Great Thou Art" in the local language.
Will Graham prays for the many people who left their seats to come forward. To receive Christ, you must acknowledge He is God's Son, commit to follow Him and repent of your sins.
Trained prayer volunteers went through the Christian Life and Witness course earlier this year. Some 140 students took evangelism classes led by representatives of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, along with more than 650 adults. This training helps Christians dig deep in their faith and learn how to share what they believe with others.
Kaua`i has approximately 100 churches. Now that the Celebration has concluded, those churches will connect with new believers to disciple them and welcome them to the family of God.
Kaua`i is called the Garden Island for its lush tropical foliage and numerous waterfalls. The oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, Kaua`i is only 33 miles wide and 25 miles long.
When people invite Christ into their hearts, they’re making a commitment to live by His Words, which are found in the Bible.
“Hear the word of the Lord, O nations, and declare it in the coastlands far away" (Jeremiah 31:10). Thank you for praying for Kaua`i.